Wednesday, August 17

Star Realms Box Set, ready in December • Console and Dashboard

Star Realms, the award-winning special deck-building game, will have a new edition in December. Pending its arrival in stores, Wise Wizard Games specifies the content of this version.


Under the title of Star Realms Box Set, we found a box of a larger size than the original, with insert. With it, we will have the starting decks, the explorers and the market organized, at the same time that it will allow us to save the expansions.

It will contain the cards of the basic game, as well as Gambito. They will be completed with a board, suitable for the competitive and cooperative experience. Thus, 162 cards, board and full color rules (English) will give life to this new box, whose launch is scheduled for December.

The one that is presented as a set with which to enter this universe can be enjoyed between 1 and 4 participants, who will build their own decks. On each turn, they will play cards from their hand, with their effects and attacks. They will allow you to acquire new ones, taking into account the commercial value.

The publisher takes advantage of this announcement to confirm how Hero Realms: Dungeons It will hit Kickstarter in 2022. For now, they continue to work on development, revealing how it will include a cooperative campaign of twelve encounters and six new character classes, among other elements.

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