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Squid game comes to CS: GO with maps and quizzes inspired by the South Korean series

The Squid Game It has been one of the last phenomena of Netflix and in its premiere last September it was difficult not to talk or at least hear about this fiction produced in South Korea. The data shows that it is losing some steam in favor of other novelties, such as Arcane, but surely in the future we will hear his name again: he has confirmed the second season. Until then, there are many amateur games and mods that seek to continue their success in the absence of an official launch, and the last Fan-created content is available on CS:GO, the shooter de Valve.

This project is the work of the user Ansimist and a small team that has recreated in the Source engine many of the locations of The Squid Game and your tests. For those who do not know its history, The Squid Game pits hundreds of people in childish or seemingly harmless challenges, but defeat means being executed; They all compete for the loot, a huge sum of money.

These maps show the same test scenarios, including “red light, green light” -knowledged in Spain by the English hideout-, while in the challenge of cutting out a silhouette in a cookie here we need to break a cookie in-game with the combat knife. Its trailer includes a look at other games, such as teams pulling a rope, guessing the number of marbles in our opponent’s hand, jumping between crystals or the bloody pitched battle in the bedrooms -which is not strictly one of the organization’s games- and that ends the game. Curiously, the only evidence that remains outside of this content is the one that gives the series its title.

You can play it now

Squid Game for CS:GO is available on Steam Workshop and allows games from 2 to 64 players. “In this map you must overcome six challenges to move on to the next one, you will need skill and a little luck“, say its creators.

The Squid Game or Squid Game in CS: GO

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