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Sony Patents DualShock-Style PlayStation Controller Designed for Mobile Phones | LevelUp

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Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular with millions of gamers around the world. Big companies like Xbox and PlayStation don’t want to be without their slice of the cake, so they already have solid plans to attract more people to their franchises through smartphone and tablet launches.

Earlier this year, Sony confirmed that it was already working to bring the most popular PlayStation series to mobile devices. While it has not revealed all its plans for now, a patent suggests that it has several surprises in store.

The reason? Documents give clues about a new and possible PlayStation control, in the purest Dualshock style, but designed especially to play on mobile phones. The controller resembles many other controls that several companies already offer today to enjoy games or gaming services on cell phones.

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PlayStation would be preparing a special control for mobiles

Sony Interactive Entertainment filed a patent this week that could reveal part of its future plans to expand into the mobile market. In it you can see a control made up of 2 sections that connect on the sides of a smartphone.

The striking thing is that the design largely coincides with what we saw in the DualShock 4 and not in the proposal of the DualSense of PlayStation 5. Although the current controls of the company are already compatible with mobile phones, this would be a more integrated proposal to the portable gaming ecosystem.

On the other hand, this peripheral would not only be designed to enjoy future launches of the brand in phones, it would also be functional to take advantage of functions such as Remote Play or even use all kinds of game services in the cloud.

As of this writing, PlayStation has not commented on the patent and this possible controller. Remember that registration does not necessarily mean that the product will become a reality and hit stores soon. Below you can see an image:

“We have had some success experimenting with games and mobile applications to provide more options for gamers. We are exploring the mobile market with some wonderful PlayStation franchises, so stay tuned, “previously stated Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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