Wednesday, August 17

Shin Megami Tensei 5 will receive an update with various improvements

Shin Megami Tensei 5 It was released on the Nintendo Switch two weeks ago and has already become one of the console’s favorite JRPGs for many users. Atlus has not closed the game, because it is preparing an update that will arrive soon, although no date has been set for its release. Although this is not a big update, it will bring several improvements that have been described in the japanese page.

This update add more settings in menu options mode, allow setting the camera angle and screen brightness when exploring the world, there are changes to the Demon Kings Castle 3rd Stratum Hall and the usual bug fixes. The patch date will be announced on social media when Atlus is ready for release.

Another jewel of Atlus

Shin Megami Tensei V It is a real great game and one of the best JRPGs that we have had the pleasure of enjoying in recent years, according to our analysis. “It has pretty much everything we can ask of the genre: a good story, an incredibly engaging universe, a nearly perfect level design that sets a new standard for these types of titles, deep and very tactical combat, a packed progression system. of possibilities, a good difficulty that forces us to make use of all our tools and a more than generous amount of content. And all this seasoned by an outstanding art direction, a great soundtrack and a more than grateful translation into Spanish. doubt, another Atlus masterpiece that you should not miss if you like this type of proposal and look for a good challenge “.

His story tells of an ordinary high school student who looks dragged into a ruined world that lies on the remains of what was once Tokyo. “Among the ruins of Daat, a war-torn underworld, many secrets and dangers are hidden,” says Atlus.

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