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Selling Sunset: Why Davina Potratz Left the Oppenheim Group

See the real reason Selling Sunset season 4 star Davina Potratz left the Oppenheim Group after filming season 3 and joined Douglas Elliman.

Fans watching Selling Sunset Season 4 is curious as to why Davina Potratz decided to leave the Oppenheim Group after season 3 was filmed. Since it appeared on Netflix Selling Sunset Season 1, Davina went from being a real estate agent to becoming a reality star. However, as the seasons progressed and the drama unfolded, Davina became a more antagonistic force when it came to the stories of Selling Sunset we were worried.

For one thing, Davina was seen clashing with boss Jason Oppenheim over the sale of a particular property valued at $ 75 million by its owner. Davina insisted that there was still hope of selling this house, while Jason seemed almost embarrassed by what he considered a highly overvalued property that he didn’t see was worth that much money. Davina was also heavily criticized for starting a meaningless fight with Chrishell Stause over her divorce from We are el actor Justin Hartley.

With Davina appearing once more in Selling Sunset season 4, some fans are wondering what happened to make her even leave the Oppenheim Group in the first place. In an interview with People That followed the season 3 finale, Davina revealed that her decision was not personal at all. “Not that I wanted to leave” Davina explained, But I had a great opportunity. It was a purely commercial decision. When asked how Jason felt about his departure, Davina said: “He was sad but he absolutely understands it.” It should be noted that Davina’s sudden departure from Group O was initially perceived as her attempt to distance herself from all Selling Sunset drama that involved her.

After leaving the Oppenheim Group, Davina joined a rival Beverly Hills-based real estate firm known as Douglas Elliman. However, Davina flatly denied during interviews and in Selling Sunset season 4 that there was once bad blood between her and the Oppenheim Group as a company. She insisted that this decision was purely professional and maintained her desire to return to Group O as soon as her “business opportunity” with Douglas Elliman came to an end. Davina Selling Sunset The co-stars weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of ​​her returning to the firm, but Jason handled things in a very professional way.

There is a possibility that the general perception of Davina in Selling Sunset will change after its passage through season 4. However, certain Selling Sunset Viewers may have a hard time forgetting all the shenanigans that were done in season 3. For now, fans will be on the lookout for new developments regarding Davina and her ongoing relationships with her co-workers and co-stars. Time can heal most things, so there is always a chance that Davina will turn things around and even become a fan favorite over time.

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