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RUMOR: participation of Dr. Dre in Grand Theft Auto will be for GTA Online | LevelUp

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Fans of Grand Theft Auto They keep seeing signs of a new installment everywhere, because after the years that have passed Grand Theft Auto V on the market, along with GTA Online, it is thought that it is time for something new. However, there is no indication that this will happen anytime soon, not even with the speculation about Dr. Dre’s involvement.

Dr. Dre will return to Grand Theft Auto

Late last month, rapper Snoop Dogg sparked hype around GTA assuring that his friend and colleague, Dr. Dre was working on something important for the franchise. In case you are not familiar with the rap scene and the mainstream of the United States, the fact that Dr. Dre has participation in something implies that it is something great because he has been one of the best producers and musical geniuses for more than 3 decades. This led to the belief that Dr. Dre was surely working in Grand Theft Auto 6.

However, it seems that it is not like that and the collaboration of Dr. Dre could be closer than we think, this after the codename of the next update of GTA Online, which is named Fixers and it would be related to the update Los Santos Tuners which dealt with the underground modified car scene and street racing.

According to the Twitter user who revealed the information, a member of the scene of leaks and rumors related to GTA, Fixers would bring Dr. Dre back after his debut in the Blow to Cayo Perico and although the essence of this update would be street racing, it is speculated that it will also be related to the music scene, whose excesses are known to Dr. Dre in his own flesh and that would easily give material for a game like GTA Online.

In case this is confirmed, as it is only a rumor, it will be made official that Dr. Dre’s work was for GTA Online and not for the new installment of the franchise.

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