Tuesday, September 27

Returnal: Housemarque shows a strange image that could be from an expansion

Returnal It has been one of the most prominent releases of the first half of the year and last October Housemarque, which was acquired shortly after its departure, updated the title of PlayStation 5 with the suspension of the cycle and the photography mode. We know that at some point there was talk of improvements for the experience -which are the ones that are available- and downloadable content; Nevertheless so far there has been no news of some kind of expansion. Yesterday the official account of the developer surprised on Twitter published a strange message.

The study showed a photograph of a screen that players do not recognize along with the text “tropes …?” It could mean that the new content could belong to another planet and not the one where the main story happens. A DLC to be announced at The Game Awards 2021, on December 9?

Several Housemarque members have echoed the Tweet. For example, the narrative director has said that they have “recorded something really amazing today. We hope to share more soon. “

Housemarque’s biggest game to date

In July Sony confirmed that Returnal had passed the half a million copies since its release in late April. It has been the most ambitious project of Housemarque, a studio specialized in arcade games. “Returnal It has been like a stepping stone for us. When we think about future titles, perhaps they are even bigger and more ambitious“said co-founder Ilari Kuittinen with Sony’s announcement of the purchase.

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“This gives the studio a clear future and a stable opportunity to continue to deliver gameplay-centric games while we continue to experiment with new methods of narrative and expanding the limits of this modern platform of art“.

In our analysis we highlight that Returnal is a great game that knows how to combine a multitude of ingredients with great success to create something unique, fresh and with personality.


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