Thursday, May 26

Psychonauts 2 is Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s game of the year

What is the game of the year? Each user will have their favorite, the surprises and also disappointments of the last twelve months. The Golden Joystick Awards -by popular vote- have crowned Resident Evil 8: Village -already Dark Souls as the best game ever-, while The Game Awards gala will announce theirs on December 9 between Deathloop, Metroid Dread -the first Spanish development with this nomination-, It Takes Two, Ratchet & Clank: Una Dimensin Aparte, Resident Evil 8 and Psychonauts 2. The latter is the favorite of Phil Spencer, Xbox boss.

In a conversation with Larry Hyrb “Major Nelson” on various current Xbox topics, Spencer comments that “sincerely to me [Psychonauts 2] it’s probably my game of the year, it’s a fantastic game. From my point of view, as a Double Fine fan, it’s the best game they’ve ever released. “The team was acquired by Microsoft in 2019 and Psychonauts 2 is for sale on Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4, as well as being part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.

The manager also remembers that he played the original before the sequel thanks to backward compatibility to enjoy the title, being amazed at how well it withstands the passage of time -they are released in 2005, although it arrived in Spain a year later-.

One of the candidates in GOTY awards

“This sequel seems to us without a doubt one of Double Fine’s roundest works, an action adventure and platformer with a sympathetic and careful story and an overflowing imagination, and for lovers of this type of adventure that nowadays is not abundant, and those of us who enjoy the humorous and unforgettable LucasArts games, it is a delight “, we highlight in the analysis. “Now that Double Fine finally does not have to worry about financing their next jobs, something they have always had to deal with throughout their history, we hope that the best of this study is yet to come, since as they have shown with Psychonauts 2 they have enormous talent and are capable of really ambitious games. “

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