Tuesday, August 16

Netflix adds two more free games to your subscription: Bowling Ballers and Asphalt Xtreme

Netflix recently launched its plan to add video games along with your subscription to the video platform, at no additional cost. They are titles for Android with a small offer but that will be expanded over time -and in principle, without removing the previous ones-. We had Shooting Hoops, Cards Blast, Teeter Up and two inspired by series from the platform, Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3, but by surprise two more have been added: Bowling Ballers and Asphalt Xtreme.

Bowling Ballers is available exclusively to subscribers – which means that cannot be purchased on Google Play– and consists of a endless runner with a little twist: instead of avoiding obstacles, as in these types of games, the goal is to knock down more pins than the competition. “Hit objects gambled instead of dodging them. The mechanics include skating, flying and others, all with simple and intuitive game dynamics,” say its creators.

Asphalt Xtreme instead it was launched in 2016 and allows us compete between canyons, dunes and other tracks with off-road vehicles: since the monster truck 4×4 to muscle car, a buggy, a racing car or the unstoppable truck. It enables online play for eight users in extreme conditions across the glaciers of Svalbard, the mountains of the Alps, the jungles of Thailand and much more. These cars are customizable to apply upgrades and configurations, and in total it offers five game modes, more than 300 races and more than 1,100 teacher challenges.

No ads or in-game purchases

One of the aspects that Netflix stands out is that these games have no ads and there are microtransactions within the app, which are usually the barriers that prevent the most from enjoying these games -especially among the youngest-.

At the moment Netflix has not announced any plans or schedules for more additions, but after acquire Night School Studio, the developer of Oxenfree, it seems clear that the intention is to support this catalog in the long term.


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