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How to get the devil’s cap in Lords Mobile

There is no way to avoid getting your leader captured when you play Lords Mobile long enough. Everyone gets it wrong eventually, and the enemy player captures your Leader, paralyzing your Kingdom. If the worst happens, how do you get your leader back?

There are a few ways to get your leader back, ranging from paying exorbitant ransoms to attacking the other kingdom. However, the most efficient method is to wear a devil’s cap. Devil’s Caps are difficult to obtain, but you can quickly respawn to your leader if you have one.

How to get the devil’s cap in Lords Mobile

While it seems easy to wear a devil’s cap, getting one is the most challenging part of the process. There are two main ways to get a devil’s cap. The easiest way is to spend some money to buy one from the Lords Mobile Store.

Packs are the quickest and easiest way if you’re willing to shell out a few bucks for them. Otherwise, the second method is to go to the bargain store. The bargain shop sells items that are usually in packages that players pay money to buy.

The Devil’s Cap pack contains three items:

  • 1200 gems
  • Five 60-minute speed boosts
  • A single devil’s cap

You may wonder why it takes so much to acquire one, but the answer is that the package itself only graces the Lords Mobile store with your presence once every few weeks. You may have the money ready, but if it’s not in the Store, you’ll have to keep waiting.

In the bargain shop, the game sells items in exchange for gems, one of the coins that players can earn for free. A single devil’s cap sells for 8,800 gems at the bargain store.

The problem with trusting the bargain store is that while you can buy it with gems, it rarely appears. If the bargain shop appears, you also have a limited time to get the devil hats. That is if they are selling them when you are ready to buy.

If you are a Lord Mobile free-to-play (FTP) player, it is possible to get a Devil’s Cap. You just have to wait for it to appear in the sale store.

Devil’s cap requirements

There are a few requirements that you need to meet if you want to wear a devil’s cap on your leader to speed up the respawn time. Don’t wear your precious devil cap right after your leader is captured as it will just be a waste. The requirements are essential to guarantee a comeback. These requirements include:

  • Their leader is captured.
  • Your castle level is 17 or higher.
  • You have at least 24 hours before your leader is executed.

Some players prefer to wait until the enemy player executes their leader. But serious players understand that getting their leaders back as soon as possible is essential to maintaining their kingdoms.

Once you wear a devil cap, you only need to wait 24 hours before your leader respawns and leaves the prison. Compared to the days of waiting for enemies to execute a leader, you might start to feel why wearing a devil’s cap is a good idea.

Do I wear my devil’s cap?

Precious items like Devil’s Cap are very hard to come by. If you can find a way to preserve them, then you should do everything you can to avoid using the poisonous mushroom. It is generally best to observe your enemy’s actions and then plan your next move.

Most players tend to keep killing and capturing a lot of leaders. Then they will probably use their time for other matters in the game. Wearing the devil’s cap can now be a waste when you can get your leader back for free.

What should I do then?

Wait first as we discussed earlier. What will happen to the player who captured their leader later to inform him of his next decision? When it’s clear that your leader isn’t being executed right away, you have a few options to choose from.

  • Send a message to your captor

Begging for your leader’s back can work, especially if the captor is a good person. Of course, there is a possibility that you will meet a cold captor who does not care and wants to execute your leader.

In this case, you can still avoid wearing your devil’s cap. There are other ways to get your leader back without using him.

If you are a solo player, this method could convince you to finally join a guild. Guilds can start rallies against other players, and if your rally is successful, you get your leader back for free. It would be better if you asked your strongest Guild member to lead the others in the rally.

Since you’ve just lost your leader, you won’t have your troops as well, so it’s best to ask the guild members to help you get your leader back.

Many players are not strong enough to withstand a rally attack unless they are some of the best in the game. They would not want to incur heavy losses for their army as it would set them back immensely. In this case, many of them may prefer to free their captive leader to stay alive.

If the enemy doesn’t move, feel free to ask your guild to continue the rally. Once the Guild breaks down the enemy player’s walls, getting your Leader back is simple.

The captors of their leader can set an amount of gold as a ransom. If you pay, your leader will return to you from prison. However, those who are part of a guild may not be able to use this method, as some guilds are people who do not pay ransom.

Other unions do not have a position on paying ransoms. Make sure to check with your guild first before paying the ransom. They are more likely to agree to start a rally than to let you pay the ransom. Why not get your leader back for free instead of paying large sums of money?

Paying a ransom for the leader can set you back financially. Your Guild could also be affected when other Realms find out what happened. So if you can avoid paying the ransom, you should use another method.

  • Set a reward

If you set a bounty for your leader’s captor, other players have an incentive to help free their leader. Rewards cannot be refunded once claimed, although if the player fails, you don’t reward them either. In either case, you should be able to pay the reward in the first place.

Alternatives to wearing a devil’s cap

You will not lose all hope if you do not want to wait for the execution. Here are some ways to save your Devil’s Caps and still get your Leader back.

Hops Huey

There is an alternative to using Devil’s Caps to retrieve your leader in familiar form. This familiar is Huey Hops, and can be summoned by guilds during Guild Bash events. Once you max out Huey Hops, you can help your leader escape from prison.

The downside is that Huey Hops can only help leaders escape when you activate the Rascally Rabbit ability. This ability lasts 30 minutes and your leader can only escape once.

Activating the skill also requires Skillstones, which take a lot of resources and time to do. Also, your Guild has to max Huey Hops for Rascally Rabbit to unlock them. This process can take even more time and resources.

Still, if your Guild manages to complete the lengthy routine of maximizing Huey Hops, Member Leaders will find it easier for their Leaders to stay safe. It is not a foolproof method, but it guarantees the safety of your leader during the 30 minutes that he is active.

Shelter and shield

Both shelters and shields can prevent their leader from being captured. All troops inside the shelters are protected from attack. Shields also protect your leader, though not against attacks from familiars.

When activated, either element protects its leader and cannot be captured. Avoiding captures in the first place will save you a lot of time and money. You can also be calm while playing.

Using a revival fruit

After a leader is executed or eats a devil’s cap, you must revive him from the dead. This is where the Fruits of the Renaissance come into play. They cost 1,000 gems or 60,000 guild coins, and you can also get them from events.

We recommend stocking up on Revival Fruits to get your Leaders back into battle sooner.

Players who need more devil caps

Average players only need a devil’s cap to kill their leader, but the 1S t 20 of them will be needed in the Kingdom. Players who are 50th and higher will need to use more Devil’s Caps, starting with two of them.

If you are not that powerful, you can rejoice when you manage to score a single Devil’s Cap because you will be able to unleash your leader much faster. For those who are ranked higher, they will need to stock up if you plan to use them to free their leader.

Additional FAQs

What is the devil’s cap?

The Devil’s Cap is an item that allows you to recover your leader after 24 hours of wearing it. Their leader must be captured and must wait until there is at least 24 hours before execution. It’s hard to come by, but it makes getting your leader back easier.

When should I wear the devil’s cap?

Wear a devil’s cap when there are no other methods to get your leader back to work. This includes failed rallies, ignored messages, and lack of funds for ransoms and rewards.

It seems I have to kill my leader

Obtaining a Devil’s Cap is tricky enough, but ranked players will need even more than the Devil’s Cap. Fortunately, there are still ways to get your leader back from the prison. Keep the devil’s cap as a last resort when all other methods have failed.

How many Devil’s Caps do you have? Have you had to wear a devil’s cap before? Let us know in the comment section.

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