Tuesday, September 27

Genshin Impact will add a new zone in its next update, according to rumors

Genshin Impact received version 2.3 a few days ago, with new characters, challenges, weapons and content that we told you at the time. But of course myHoyo prepares more news and the next update should be much more important: in addition to the new 2.4 characters -Shenhe and Yu Jin- the usual sources in leaks of the free action RPG mention that introducing a new region, something that is not very common; the last one was Inazuma that came with the July 2.0 update.

According to Genshin Intel and Project Celestia this region will be Enkanomiya, which had already been hinted at in the game. Celestia goes into more detail and mentions a cycle of time -Evernight and Whitenight- that will influence the world, something that the player could also control at certain points. There will be a total of nine subareas in this region.

Of course, this information from the dataminers may change over time or not be entirely accurate. Some players believe that the developer could wait for version 2.5 to incorporate these new features or even make a jump to 3.0, in a similar way to the step between 1.6 and 2.0.

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