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DC Universe Online devs will make an MMO with Marvel superheroes | LevelUp

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The popularity of superheroes is undeniable in the world of video games. Over the years we have seen titles that bring the DC and Marvel universes back to pamper gamers, although not everything always turns out well.

DC characters have not been strangers to online environments and MMOs, because in the past we have had proposals such as DC Universe Online, title that is currently in the hands of Dimensional Ink Games.

The developer has another secret project that has not been officially revealed, but possible clues about it have just emerged. It would be a surprise to Marvel fans and MMO lovers.

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An unannounced Marvel character MMO is already in development

According to information shared at an investor meeting, Dimensional Ink Games has plans to continue working with superheroes and the MMORPG genre. However, everything indicates that he is now preparing something with Marvel characters.

We know this, a part of the presentation on the study plans has already been published. In the long-term projects section, which includes indie productions, AAA and games as a service, an MMO is listed that will use the franchises of the popular company.

It is also specified that the title will be an AAA production and that it will probably be several years before its official announcement. The interesting thing is that this project was also mentioned in the Nvidia GeForce Now leaks that were long ago.

Sources say that it is actually a project that was revived after its previous cancellation in 2018, when the study faced financial difficulties. The project is in the hands of Jack Emmert, co-founder of Cryptic Studios and one of the current managers of DC Universe Online.

At the moment no more is known about the project, so we will have to be patient and wait, especially since, apparently, the development of the unannounced title will take a long time.

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