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CS: GO becomes The Squid Game with a great custom map | LevelUp

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The Squid Game It is still on everyone’s lips and its influence in the world of videogames is growing. Don’t you believe us? So you should know that their dangerous challenges are now part of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the popular shooter by Valve.

This was made possible by a group of players and fans of the series coming together to create an incredible custom map. It recreates as best as possible all the challenges of The Squid Game, including the final test.

The interesting thing is that all interested players can already enjoy this fabulous novelty for free, since the necessary files can be downloaded free of charge from Steam.

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Challenges of The Squid Game come to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The custom map of The Squid Game for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive they are simply called SQUID GAME. This is a package that allows up to 64 players to come together to test themselves in the challenges of Netflix production.

Each challenge perfectly recreates the rules of the series and is played until only 1 player is left standing, so the best thing is that you see The Squid Game before giving this fan-made project a try.

We will not talk about the tests as such to avoid spoilers, but we do tell you that at least one epic combat is included. The map includes scenes straight out of the series, as well as fully customized characters with official outfits.

So, this is a map full of fan service for fans of The Squid Game. If you are interested in trying it, you can download it from this link. Below you can see a bit of gameplay:

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Find more information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in this link. On the other hand, here you will find all the news about The Squid Game.

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