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Creatives who worked on Mass Effect want to participate in the Amazon series | LevelUp

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The news recently emerged that Amazon is interested in conducting a series of Mass Effect and that it is very close to closing an agreement with Electronic Arts to carry out the project. Although it is not yet official, great creatives who worked at BioWare in this and other franchises did not wait and have already expressed their opinion about this new production.

One of the first to speak out was the former screenwriter of Dragon Age David Gaider, who expressed concern and believes that there are many things that can go wrong with the Amazon series. Luckily, there were also ex-BioWare employees who were much more optimistic and looking forward to the opportunity to participate.

Mass Effect writer and composer are excited for the new series

Drew Karpyshyn, lead writer for the first and second installments of the franchise, took to his social networks to express his interest in the Amazon production. Likewise, he confirmed that he is not involved at the moment, but that he will be happy to be a consultant and share his opinion if he has the opportunity.

We must remember that Drew Karpyshyn also wrote 3 novels related to the franchise’s universe before leaving BioWare in 2012.

On the other hand, Sam Hulick, composer of the original trilogy of Mass Effect and some DLC, he also hinted on Twitter about his desire to participate in the space opera series.

It is important to note once again that Amazon’s production, which will debut on its Amazon Prime Video streaming service, is not official yet. This means that the project does not yet have a director, scriptwriter or producer. Of course, there are no clues as to the actors who will play the main characters, although a rumor emerged earlier this year that Henry Cavill auditioned for the role of Commander Shepard.

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But tell us, are you confident that this adaptation will meet expectations? Let us read you in the comments.

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