Wednesday, July 6

Clockwork Aquario, about to arrive on PS4 and Switch • Console and Dashboard

A Aquarium Clockwork It has very few days left to release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It will be on November 30 when players in Europe can enjoy this platform adventure on both consoles. It will arrive in North America on December 14.


ININ Games and Westone Bit Entertainment are behind this colorful adventure. Combining action and side scrolling with a retro essence, we will move through pixelated levels in two dimensions.

As its creators point out, it will provide an easy-to-learn gameplay, with intuitive controls that immerse us in the adventure. We will face against enemies and final bosses, after choosing our favorite character.

The experience can be enjoyed alone or cooperatively, in the company of another player. The experience will be completed with a careful soundtrack. His new trailer is a true reflection of everything we will find.

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