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Capcom recalls that Darkstalkers is still alive … in the form of figures | LevelUp

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Capcom gave birth to numerous franchises in the golden age of video games, which managed to win the hearts of gamers and which today treasure a lot. One of them is Darkstalkers, which unfortunately remains inactive. However, it is alive and Capcom remembers it, albeit in the form of figures.

As we have told you in multiple editions of the Collecting Corner, Capcom partnered with the figure producer Kotobukiya to launch a Bishoujo line of 3 characters from Darkstalkers.

The first and the most striking was the succubus Morrigan. Months later it was revealed to Felicia. We had only gotten a glimpse of the preliminary gray Felicia statue. But Kotobukiya has already revealed the final painted design. We leave you with him below.

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Imagen: Kotobukiya

Bishoujo-style figures are known to accentuate some feminine features, but, as you can see, the original design of the fighter was respected and, therefore, it is the character that has the most exposed body.

Likewise, Kotobukiya took the opportunity to reveal that the figure, 26 cm tall, will debut in September 2022 in Japan and 1 month later in the West and will be priced at $ 139.99 USD. If you want to take a look at the figure in detail and from different angles, you can do it in this page. You can now pre-order the figure of Felicia through Sideshow Collectibles, as well as Morrigan’s.

Imagen: Kotobukiya
Imagen: Kotobukiya

Lilith will be the last character in Darkstalkers from the Bishoujo line

The latest figure product of this collaboration has just been revealed and it will be that of Lilith. As with the Lilith and Morrigan figures, Lilith’s concept art was provided by artist Shunya Yamashita.

Due to the close relationship between Morrigan and Lilith, the latter has a similar outfit and the outfit she presents in the figure is the same as the one seen in the games.

Unfortunately, Kotobukiya only presented the 2D design of what the figure’s model will look like. Thus, neither the release date nor the price is known, but, judging by the other 2 figures, it is likely to be between $ 120 USD and $ 140 USD. As for the launch, it is possible that it will be ready in mid-2023.

In case you missed it: Capcom continues to renew the brand Darkstalkers, but not to launch a new game.

Imagen: Kotobukiya
Imagen: Kotobukiya

What did you appreciate about the Bishoujo line of Darkstalkers? Tell us in the comments.

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