Thursday, May 26

Big fight in Mestalla against Peter Lim

Mestalla once again became a clamor against Peter Lim and its executives in Valencia, led by President Anil Murthy, with 20,000 posters with the slogan Lim Go Home (Lim, go home) who got up at the same time throughout the stands in minute 19. The action promoted by Freedom VCF, A platform that aims to oversee the management of the Singaporean magnate through the grouping of shares, culminated in an impressive image in that minute that symbolizes the roots of the club since its founding in 1919.

Mestalla fans are ‘armed’ with banners of “Lim Go Home!”

Spurred on by the good reception that the same action had had in the last match played at home, against Atltico, with 5,000 posters that were included in the central pages of their free magazine distributed at the gates of Mestalla, Libertad VCF quadrupled the circulation for the encounter before the Ray. The 20,000 yellow posters with the slogan Lim Go Home, in black letters on a yellow background, are becoming an image of the resistance of Valencia fans to the management of Peter Lim, through his company Meriton Holdings, in Valencia.

The images do not speak, but the stands rumbled as it usually does on great occasions, whatever the reason, party or criticism, with chants of “Peter, go now!” and “Anil, scoundrel, out of Mestalla!”.

There was no need for anyone to spur even more on the jaded Valencia fans. But the video broadcast by black and white after the game against Alavs, increased the desire to make Meriton’s men see that a good part of the fans does not love them. In the sequence, which ran like wildfire through social networks last Monday, the executive director Joey Lim danced in the box at the Reale Arena and imitated the movements of the hands of an orchestra conductor when a score of fans sang against Anil Murthy, present, but oblivious to the scene.

Club statement

The atmosphere had heated up to such an extent that Valencia issued an official statement this week in which it assured that it had no intention of banning the entry of fans with posters against Lim. It is necessary to explain at this point that the club attributed to a overzealousness of the Mestalla private security company that some workers would tear off the pages of the magazine with the slogan against Lim before the game against Atltico. Suspecting that this could happen again, the club denied it. The truth is that the club could not have availed itself of any LaLiga regulations for access to stadiums, as they were not messages that incite violence.

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