Thursday, January 20

Battlefield 2042 is one of the worst rated games on Steam, but also one of the most played

The curious case of a battlefield without love.

By all accounts, Battlefield 2042 had a difficult launch. It came with numerous glitches, bugs, and balance issues that have led to the game receiving more approvals in the Steam review system than it has ever received. In fact, at the time of this writing, Battlefield 2042 has the dubious honor of being the ninth worst rated game on Steam (Konami’s eFootball is still firmly planted at number one on this list, in case you’re wondering) .

Yet despite all the bad press surrounding Battlefield 2042, it’s still one of the most played games on Steam as well. According to SteamDB, Battlefield 2042 ranks second on the Trending Game and the most played game in the last 24 hours, just behind Halo Infinite in both categories. It is the 10th most played game in terms of maximum concurrent players at the moment and 89º for Steam’s highest maximum concurrent player count of all time.

Bad reviews are almost certainly hurting Battlefield 2042 sales, but you have to wonder what Battlefield’s player count would be if it really received decent reviews at launch. Maybe it would have shot to the top of the charts.

To their credit, the Battlefield developer DICE has been extremely transparent with fans about what they are doing to fix the many problems of 2042. The studio has created a dedicated Twitter channel to communicate upcoming changes and recently discovered issues, notifying players when certain items or abilities will be disabled and when updates could bring them back.

For example, the proximity sensor was recently disabled in an attempt to fix the rubber band issues in Battlefield 2042. It seemed to help a bit, but the real solution was the server-side updates and another update that should arrive later this week.

In addition to better server performance, this week’s update will address issues with non-working soldier revs, fix missing charge error, re-enable UAV-1, and adjust vehicle balance on LCAA hovercraft and MD540 Nightbird.

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