Tuesday, August 16

Battle Royale returns thanks to Battlefield 2042’s Portal mode

Following the failed post-launch addition of Battle Royale to Battlefield 5, Battlefield 2042 dropped the mode entirely. Instead, Dice focused his efforts on the series’ base Conquest mode in addition to a Rush-inspired mode called Breakthrough. Despite the omission, the other half of the Battlefield 2042 experience, Portal Mode, has provided users with the power to create a very similar mode.

Reddit user chbmg was tasked with creating Warfield, a 100-player Battle Royale mode, which can be played through the game’s Portal mode. Players should be able to find it themselves by searching for “Warfield” or “Warfield 100 – Battle Royale.” Despite being a project in progress, chbmg has managed to create a mostly full-featured Battle Royale mode, as players are used to with the closing circle and acquirable loot. There’s even an equivalent to Warzone’s Gulag, in which players must fight to return to the main battlefield.

While most systems are in place to provide a decent approximation of Battle Royale, the current publisher imposes restrictions that prevent it from being a perfect game. To begin with, the Portal editor does not allow the placement of objects. Because of this, collecting loot requires ducking three times to pick up a random inventory item. Joining after the pre-game lobby presents another issue, forcing players to go into spectator mode. There is no way to join a mid-session match.

The other editor quirks primarily affect the creator’s workflow rather than the average gamer’s experience. For example, the publisher must fire a player to move him to different locations, such as from prison to the game. However, this termination does not count as a death in the game’s statistics. This Warfield mode can be played on Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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