Thursday, January 27

Ancelotti: “I don’t know Barnett, but Bale doesn’t think so”

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti He wants to continue his good streak that has lifted his team to the lead. The Sevilla He comes for the three points and Ancelotti highlights the danger of the rival but also the good moment of his team. From 1:00 p.m., Press conference.

13: 04h. The game against Sevilla, the least thrashed:

“It is a game that tells us a lot because it is very well organized, with quality, and we need our best version and we can do it.”

13.05h. What can improve the template:

“I have talked about the future of this club, which is very clear, the new stadium, the squad we have now is quality and the future is going to be better. We have not talked about names because the squad is already very good, with a lot of quality, with balance and I believe that in the future it will be better. “

The injured:

Alaba has a bit of annoyance and tomorrow let’s evaluate. It is not a serious problem because the ligament is not affected. Zero risk. Hazard has trained today but the gastroenteritis has affected him and he will not be there yet. Valverde is fine.

13.06h. The Spanish teams in the Champions League: we have to wait and I think that we will not be the only Spanish team to go to the second round.

13. 07H. Mbapp and Haaland in the new stadium:

I imagine it with Ancelotti the new stadium. I don’t want to mix names and hopefully Carlo is the coach of the new stadium.

13:08 Hazard and if you are afraid:

“I’m not in his head but what I see is that he is a player who has had bad luck and wants to do the best for this team again. He has always had the dream of playing for Madrid. The important thing is that at the moment it is If you want something, everything is going to be fine and he’s doing everything he can. “

13.09h. The preparation:

I always try to put in the best team and if one is not right I change it. I don’t want to give rest to a player who is not tired. “

13.11h. The key to this Madrid:

control of the midfield, we are more effective, we find more solutions, in positional, against, with set pieces.

13.12h. Balance so far this season:

“We have to be happy, we can improve but we have done well. The team is doing well and I think we can get to Christmas well. I love the squad now that I know it better. Experience, they are good with each other, with commitment, humble . I like the environment”.

13.14h. Barnett’s words:

I don’t know him but as far as I know, Bale doesn’t think so because he respects the fans and they have always respected him. He is not the only player who has been whistled. I have nothing to say.

13.15 h. What does Hazard have:

it’s just gastroenteritis. Today he trained at a slower pace because he is still affected.

13.16h. Vini and where he will play if Mbapp comes:

“The game against the Sheriff was not at his usual level, I agree, but he was not tired. Vini is a player who has to be on the left and he is going to continue playing there whoever his teammate is.

13.17h. Mbapp o Haaland:

I like good players and they are both very good.

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