Monday, August 8

Xbox Store leaks two demos that will be available during the Game Awards 2021

The Game Awards 2021 are held on December 9 and in addition to the main gala with awards to the games of the year -of which we already know the nominees- or the new trilers of known games and surprises, other promotions will be held, such as the launch of demos. So far none had been announced but Microsoft Store has revealed at least two that will be available to coincide with the event.

The games that will have demo are Nobody Saves the World by Drinkbox Studios and Mind Scanners from The Outer Zone. The names leave no room for doubt: They are identified with “TGA21Demo”, and at the moment they show their tabs but they cannot be downloaded.

Nobody Saves the World, scheduled for 2022, is an action RPG where we can complete missions to discover more than a dozen different shapes and switch between them, combine skills in the most unexpected ways to unlock even more missions to complete. “Explore the wide world, alone or online with a friend, as you overcome dungeons that change as you go and try to stop The Calamity to save the world,” say its creators.

Mind Scanners is already on sale but on PC

Mind Scanners, released on PC in May, arrives on Nintendo Switch on November 30 and that same day I will do it on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It is a retrofuturistic simulator in which we must diagnose the citizens of a dystopian metropolis helped by some devices. We must manage time and resources, and of course we will be responsible for our patients after taking part in difficult moral or ethical decisions.

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