Sunday, January 16

Xavi’s press conference before the game against Villarreal, live

Xavi Hernndez attends the media in the preview of the match between Barcelona and Villarreal. This is the third match for Terrassa on the Barça bench.

Xavi speaks for the media

The situation of Dembl

“I had an individual talk with him, I made it clear to him how important he was for me not only for this season but for the future. It depends on him. I hope he can renew because he is a footballer capable of making a difference in the coming years. with him, I don’t know his surroundings, it depends on him “.


“Okay, we have to be careful, we have to take care of him, but tomorrow we will decide how many minutes he is for.”

Riqui Puig

“He is one of the squad and, like everyone else, he will have opportunities. He is a footballer who has an innate talent and who will have moments to be important, like De Jong, Coutinho … he is a player who has a shot and has to dare” .

Excess of optimism

“Each one thinks in one way. I am happy for the defense, the pressure after loss and we lack the last third which is where the matches are decided. Daring more, reaching the area, daring with one against one, but in lines Overall, I am quite satisfied with what I see on the pitch. We want to subdue the opponent in their field and I think we are succeeding, but we have to score and win the games. “

Need to win

“It would be a turning point to win at Villarreal, but we are in an emergency situation and we have to win every game, starting with tomorrow’s game.”

Offers by midfielders

“We need them, they are players who are playing and are not for sale at all. What we want is for them to be here and reinforce them, it is not our idea that they are for sale.”

Ansu Fati

“He is going very well, he has very good feelings. He has started to run, but we have to be careful. Then we will see if we take the risk or not. The other day we did it with Ousmane, he did not find the goal but he was close and that is from Thank you. Ansu is a very important player and we cannot allow losing him again, but depend on the feelings of the player. ”

Change in doctors

“Honestly, what I want is to surround myself with people I trust, loyal and faithful people, and for me it is essential to have Ricard Pruna, for me he is the best doctor that Bara has had since I have been. To thank those who have been there. been here. Pruna never should have left the club, for me he is number 1 “.


“I am very happy with the team’s reaction, we won a lot of duels, we are pressing well. I think that in attack we have to dare more. We have profile players who are very young on the inside and have to dare more. It happened to me. at his age. There is a goal, I see it in training. We have to dare more. It is not enough to do the right thing, we must aim for 10 “

The match

“Yes, Villarreal is a more offensive team. Both Espanyol and Benfica defend in a low block. It will be a difficult game, more in their field, with smaller dimensions than normal. They have one of the best coaches in Spain. a very tough opponent. “

13.00 Delay in the press conference

Xavi will take a little longer to leave since the training has taken longer than expected

12:28 PM Xavi speaks at 1:00 p.m.

The Barça coach will give the press conference prior to the game against Villarreal from 1:00 p.m.

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