Tuesday, August 16

This is Orion Upswitch, a device that doubles the size of the Switch screen

Have you ever thought that it would be great if the Nintendo Switch had a bigger screen? But not like that of its newcomer OLED model, but much more, twice the size specifically. The creators of Orion Upswitch They have not only thought about it, but they have made it a reality and have put on sale a device with total integration with the hybrid that allows us to play the games in the Switch catalog in a 11.6-inch 1080p panel.

Orion Upswitch is a project that began to take shape in the summer of last year and is now has started to hit stores (Although for the moment only to the Americans, without confirmation that it will land in the Spanish). Its creators, industry veterans, organized a campaa de crowdfunding that got a financing of more than 63,000 euros and now chains like GameStop have begun to put it on sale for 349,99 dlares Americans.

What exactly is Orion Upswitch?

How is this device different from any other portable monitor? Well, basically because it is designed to work perfectly with the Nintendo Switch. The most visible thing is that it has two rails to attach the JoyCon as we would in the hybrid, but it also has certain characteristics that show us that it has been designed with this console in mind: it includes a rear cavity by way of Dock in which we place the tablet from Switch and from that moment on we can use the complete device as if it were one designed by Nintendo, but with a screen that is 188% larger.

In addition, the monitor is compatible with any other console or mobile, since it includes puerto HDMI, USB-C cable and an integrated battery that charges while we play. It also has a port jack for sound devices, integrated speakers and a rear flange like the one on Nintendo Switch to support it on any surface. An alternative that those who want larger screens will have to assess if it ends up reaching our territory.


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