Wednesday, August 10

The mythical footballer Ronaldo opens a Twitch channel to play Call of Duty: Warzone

Ronaldo Nazario, legendary striker who has played for the Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, in addition to being the current president of Real Valladolid, has taken his first steps on Twitch with a new channel where has been released as streamer from Call of Duty: Warzone. Anyone who wants to see Ronaldo play again, even if instead of a ball in his feet he has a controller in his hands, he can do it in RonaldoTV, his new Twitch channel.

Although it still adds just over eight hours of live broadcasting, Ronaldo’s channel already enjoys wide popularity on the broadcast platform. streaming: according to data from Twitch Tracker, RonaldoTV has had peaks of over 20,000 unique viewers, his average being around 11,000 people watching him simultaneously. Debut on Twitch at the beginning of the month and since then has more than 51,000 followers on the platform, entering the top 25 of the most successful channels in Portuguese.

Ronaldo and his interest in video games

How they collect in Millenium, Ronaldo admits to having become interested in this world as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: “With the isolation of the pandemic I felt an increasing need to connect and interact with you. I started to play more and the world of video games, which already fascinated me, entered my routine once and for all. Like you, I also learned a lot, I became more interested in the digital universe and in the way in which young people are changing habits and, consequently, consumption patterns “.

It is not Ronaldo’s first relationship with the video game world, since in 2017 he announced the acquisition of a significant part of CNB e-Sports, a famous Brazilian team of League of Legends, thus confirming his interest in entering the world sport. He has recently also created a holding with interests in this sector.

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