Tuesday, January 25

The fans’ FF9 remake probably looks better than the official game

A group of fans is currently working on an unofficial remake of Final Fantasy IX, with an impressive trailer released yesterday.

A talented team of fan-developers just revealed a visually stunning trailer for a Final Fantasy IX Redo. There have been many such exciting projects in the wake of the long-awaited and well-received ones last year. Final Fantasy VII Remake, including a remaster of the 2001 classic Final Fantasy X in full 4K resolution.

Released on the original PlayStation in 2000, Final Fantasy IX told the story of a young thief named Zidanne Tribal and his colorful crew of misfits as they fought to save the world of Gaia from the evil Kuja and the forces of Queen Brahne. Unlike previous deliveries like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX he returned to a more whimsical medieval setting and presented a somewhat more cheerful tone. Despite not being as popular as the Final Fantasy games that came immediately before or critically acclaimed Final Fantasy X after, Final Fantasy IX still has a small, devoted following within Square Enix’s mega-franchise JRPG. Sure enough, Zidanne and her pair of Mage Masher daggers have made numerous appearances in spin-offs like the Dissidia Final Fantasy series over the years.

Yesterday, CG web artist from shared a visually stunning trailer for a Final Fantasy IX fan remake on his YouTube page. This passion project, titled Final Fantasy IX: Memory Project, was announced earlier this year, although it will be simply a non-playable proof of concept rather than a full remake due to copyright reasons. Still, Eder notes that his team of professional developers and artists has grown from 2 to 28 in the months since Memory Project it was announced for the first time. The recently released Final Fantasy IX: Memoria Project – Welcome to Alexandria teaser trailer was rendered entirely in real time in Unreal Engine 5, and features the young amnesiac wizard Vivi as she wanders the streets of Alexandria during the beginning of Final Fantasy IX.

Watch the trailer for Final Fantasy IX: Memory Project on YouTube here.

While Square Enix hasn’t officially announced a new version of Final Fantasy IX in the style of last year Final Fantasy VII Remake, such a project was teased in a list of possible games coming to Nvidia GeForce earlier this month. This was simply the second massive leak from Nvidia’s servers and included other speculated titles such as Mortal Kombat 12, The Elder Scrolls VI, and Hogwarts legacy. Meanwhile, Square Enix has teased that he could be returning to the world of Gaia in a possible Final Fantasy IX sequel after Final Fantasy VII Remake is finished, and a Final Fantasy IX The animated series was announced in June.

Whether or not Square Enix is ​​actually working on a new version of Final Fantasy IX As this month’s Nvidia GeForce leak implies, there is no denying that fans would like to return to the colorful world of Gaia and meet classic characters like Zidanne, Vivi, Freya, and more. Dan Eder and his team are currently working to satisfy that desire in some way with the unofficial and unplayable. Final Fantasy IX: Memory Project, and it seems to be going very well if yesterday’s trailer is something to go through.


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