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Strixhaven from D&D: An Art of Chaos Curriculum and Page Excerpts [EXCLUSIVE]

Jugo Mobile may exclusively reveal some of the beautiful illustrations and page excerpts from the upcoming D&D Strixhaven book: A Curriculum of Chaos.

Strixhaven: A Chaos Curriculum is a reference book for Dungeons and Dragons which makes the magical Strixhaven University of Magic: The Gathering in place for an epic campaign. It is easy to place Strixhaven in one of the D&D Campaign setups, or even a homemade one, but players may not want to leave their school days behind.

Strixhaven is a school for the magicians of the world. Once a student has completed their first year of study, they choose which of the five universities they want to join to hone their skills. Options include Lorehold, Quandrix, Silverquil, Winterbloom, and Prismari. Lorehold is the place for scholars and adventurers, Quandrix is ​​for magical students of mathematics and physics, Silverquill is for those who use words as weapons, Witherbloom is for those who study the powers of life and death, and Prismari is for those who use words as weapons. artistic and those who wish to master the elements.

Jugo Mobile may exclusively reveal some of the illustrations and excerpts from pages of Strixhaven: A Chaos Curriculum. The assets involve teachers and students from Prismari, the College of Elementary Arts. Dungeons and Dragons Senior designer Amanda Hamon and game designer James Wyatt also spoke with Jugo Mobile about Prismari and her role within the game.

D&D: the faculty of Prismari College

The exclusive assets submitted to Jugo Mobile mentioned several faculty members at Prismari College, including Uvilda Mistcoiler (the Dean of Perfection) and Zaffai (the Conductor of Thunder). Will faculty be an important part of Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos? If gamers want to focus on their fellow students, is it easy to leave teachers in the background?

James Wyatt: The focus of the adventures resides solidly on the player characters as students and their interactions with their fellow students. The mechanics of relationships and the rules around extracurricular activities and jobs ensure that players keep their attention on how they relate to other students. Faculty members occupy a place in the background of the adventures, sometimes a prominent place, due to the adventure story, but never as central as other students.

D&D: The Background of Prismari Students

The exclusive assets showcased the new Prismari Student backstory that players can choose for their character. Does each of the five universities have their own associated backgrounds? Can players use other funds with the campaign? Do the characters need to buy a school uniform (since Prismari students get one for free) if they want to attend?

James Wyatt: Every college has a background, and I highly recommend that players choose the appropriate background for their characters’ college. You can certainly use other origins to represent what we would call a non-traditional student: “Yes, I had a life as a sailor or acolyte, but now I am attending Strixhaven and pursuing a second career!” You can perform the Strixhaven Initiate feat for your school without having a record, and of course you can buy your school uniform with your character’s starting money.

Zanther Bowen – Prismari Mage Tower cheerleading team member

Strixhaven: A Chaos Curriculum It has relationship / romance mechanics that involve the NPCs in the campaign. How do these work alongside the other school systems? Are characters like Zanther part of this system? How much information does the book provide about your personality and role in school?

Amanda Hamon: Characters like Zanther are absolutely part of this system! In fact, there are 18 NPCs that are part of the Relationships system and they all have unique personalities, backgrounds, motivations, and interests that are described in detail in the book. If you are friends with the character, you will get a little story-focused boost, and if you are their rival, they will do their best to undermine or annoy you. For example, if you are friends with Greta Gorunn, a good-natured, fun-loving dwarf and bodybuilder, members of the Society of Iron Lifters may show up to help you with any difficult physical task you come across. If you’ve disturbed her one night when you return to your bedroom, you will likely find a bunch of heavy furniture blocking your way to your room.

Strixhaven: A Chaos Curriculum It will be released on December 7, 2021.

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