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Some 60 companies conducted more than 560 interviews with U-tad students at Company Day

Offered by U-tad

The University Center for Technology and Digital Art (U-tad) organize all the years a Company Day in which companies from all over the world get to know the work of the students and interview them for future employment agreements. This year, despite the restrictions, they have signed up more than 60 companies from eight countries: Spain, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, France, United Kingdom and Ireland, some have participated online and others in person, including El Ranchito, Everis, Skydance Animation or Tequila Works. 562 quick interviews have been carried out and 25 talks and presentations have been given and the students have presented the works that are now part of the portfolio that they will use for their careers.

Within the video game section there have been 8 presentations, six of the students of the degree in Interactive Product Design and two carried out by the students of the masters in Videogame Programming, Game Design and Art and Visual Design of Videogames from U-tad. The concept in both cases is different, Master’s students study the specific theoretical training of each postgraduate course for a term and then form multidisciplinary groups of about 15 people from the three master’s degrees to dedicate yourself completely for 10 months to create a demo of a project developed with Unreal that could be a big game and grade students form small teams usually between 2 and 5 people and They create a complete game, usually with Unity, although in the Degree they study both this and Unreal, in which they work for two years, combining development with their studies Degree to learn about the process of creating and publishing a video game, since in the end they are uploaded -as free games- to Steam.

Video games created by the students of the master’s degrees: a vertical cut made by large teams

One of the biggest challenges that Master’s students face is working with large teams that have 10 months to create a demo of your game simulating the development of a commercial video game with the greatest possible realism; is known as U-tad method. It is the students who decide the characteristics of their project and how to solve the problems that arise, although always with the support of the U-tad, including an academic production company.

Some 60 companies carried out m

Ronin-Hood Sisters, a turn-based tactical JRPG with elemental attacks

Three artists, nine programmers and six designers make up Frozenham Studios and have created Ronin-Hood Sisters, a tactical JRPG with elements of roguelite that takes place in the city of Otakio, in which the public determines what is the social status of different genres of anime. The magical girls go through a bad time and they launch into combat to climb the ranks. The player controls a group of four girls: Hanako and Ganko have the most defensive abilities while Kyoko is useful for defense and Shizuka is a specialist in moving units around the stage, which is divided into grids.

The protagonists wear costumes that the player chooses creating a group to their liking and that give them two abilities and an elemental power that cause different effects in the boxes of the scenarios and that are combinable with each other, so launching an earth attack on squares where there is already fire creates magma, which damages the characters in it in a different way.

In the game you have to choose a route in the form of a subway map with different missions. In each one of them scenarios are randomly generated and they have destructible elements, which encourages exploration. After completing a mission the quartet of girls gain experience and can level up and use gems to improve your skills.

Some 60 companies carried out m

Jos Andrs Lazareno, diseador en Frozenham Studios, He explains that the original idea was too ambitious but that they knew how to adapt it to the time and means available to them and the studio is happy with the result obtained. The components of the study they are going to polish the trial version a bit more they have but then it does not seem likely that they will continue to work on it.

Ronin-Hood Sisters is ya available on

Steelbound, two people cooperate carrying a cursed sword in ancient Babylon

The second game of the students of the master’s degrees, Ishtar Studios is one of the finalists for this year’s PlayStation Awards. Steelbound It is the work of six designers, four artists and nine programmers, some of whom have also been responsible for the production and the music, and it is a 3D adventure with isomtric view in which two players must cooperate, each controlling one of Gilgamesh’s sons and fulfill the mission of returning to its place a cursed sword that they take turns wearing, since having it too long ends up affecting the life of its wearer. Each protagonist has a type of movement or others depending on how he carries the sword (brawler) or not (support). The one who carries the sword has strong or weak attacks, blocks or advances fast with the sword in front while the protagonist who is support You can lift the characters around you, push them, bring them closer to you or move fast to overcome distances.

In an innovative idea, the Ishtar Studios has decided that to pass the sword from one character to another he who does not wear it must claim it, which leads to the two players having to talk a lot to each other and decide when to do it, since the game consists of puzzles and combats, especially the first ones, and you have to know when to pass the sword and where to do it to activate some mechanisms. An entertaining and intense adventure.

The final result corresponds almost entirely to the idea that the studio had when production began. Daniel Rueda, Ishtar Studios programmer who has been in charge of the combat, is very satisfied with the experience: “I liked it even more than I thought I was going to like it “, he affirms. Taking into account that programming is usually an activity that takes place alone, Rueda is especially satisfied to have worked well as a team, one of the most important challenges of these master’s projects but one that brings students to the reality of a professional studio in which they can work and coordinate with dozens of people: “in programming it is you who face the code, but in this type of development there is constant communication with colleagues “. Ishtar is still working on a new version of the game with some changes to the protagonists and actions.

Steelbound is ya available on

Some 60 companies carried out m

Projects of the students of the Degree in Interactive Product Design

Javier Gayo, academic coordinator of the degree in Interactive Product Design at U-tad, affirms that leaving the university with a published game is the best business card for students, “regardless of all the knowledge that we give them within the career, here we insist a lot on that they really know how to work within videogames “, He says. These projects by undergraduate students show imagination and freshness in the concepts, which now serve portfolio students and those carried out by graduate students are published on Steam.

The Hunsa Magic

The Hunsa Magic It is one of the games that is still in development and will be out next spring. In it the player will have to discover the plans of some apprentice magicians who try to summon an ancient deity. For this the protagonist has the ability to possess different glems to solve the puzzles he meets along the way, and he also has his own abilities, which he can combine with those of the glems. Using the bodies of these great beings, the player can destroy walls, push and move great weights, throw rocks and create new surfaces.


A curious aspect (based on the colors of the Soviet space propaganda) and with personality, a good amount of humor and a soundtrack made by one of its creators is what draws attention in the initial moments of this interesting proposal that is based on the chain reaction of the orders that the player gives his army of robots to solve the puzzles They will lead to Soviet domination of the Red Planet by wiping their American rivals off the map. In addition to solving the puzzles, you have to fight against the enemies and conquer each area by controlling different types of robots. The team was made up of 5 designers from Potato Games Studio, who have known how to make good use of the means at their disposal. Is already available on Steam, where it has had more than 1700 downloads.


Death is the only way to save yourself in hellevator, a puzzle video game created by Quasar Games, made up of seven students of the degree in Interactive Product Design from (U-tad). That statement comes from the fact that in order to escape from the infernal hotel in which the player is trapped is using different bodies that wear a mask thinking with which one can find the way out, but to jump to another mask the character must die that controls. The color of each mask indicates its abilities: if it is explosive, if it petrifies. The details are taken care of to the maximum even in the color that identifies each phase or the fights against the bosses.

The response of the players to this 2D platform has surprised its creators; carries ms the 50,000 downloads on Steam and 6,000 people have bought the soundtrack. During the first week after the launch they were placed in the second position of the digital store and there are even speedrunners trying to finish the game in the shortest time possible.

You’re Offering

The two components of Fifty-50 Game Studio -who have worked remotely since they were in different countries- they opted for tell a love story set in Africa in which you have to bring the essence of Kamu to his beloved Awa. In this 2D platformer the player controls two entities, one moves in all directions and another is the essence of Kamu that can be thrown and bounce to move around the stages. Its T available on Steam.

Rolando The Majestic

Rolando The Majestic is a promising game in which the students of the degree in Videogames from (U-tad). Character move between parallel worlds to solve puzzles relying on stealth and avoiding light since Rolando will be at the mercy of his enemies. To move through time there are different mirrors that are used in different ways in the past the player becomes a ghost and needs to possess enemies to have a body with which to perform some actions; but always keeping in mind that if the enemy sees a possessed character, they will detect him and go after Rolando. Baker Wood has opted in his game for a style pixel art that fits very well with the personality of his work.


Its creators explain that this side scrolling platform is designed so that the character is in motion all the time and is fluid almost hypnotically, a sensation enhanced by a hand drawn comic art style showing a cyberpunk city. The protagonist has different electrical powers.

East available on Steam, where it has already had 8100 downloads. It was in fourth place on the new releases list the week of its release.

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