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Panzerkampf, the tank war on the Russian front comes to kickstarter

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Panzerkampf is the new wargame from Trafalgar editions, a miniatures game that takes us to the eastern front during the Second World War, and which faces German and Russian tanks. The title will seek the necessary funding in a Kickstarter campaign.

Panzerkampf is a game designed for 2 to 20 players, with a recommended age from 10 years, and with games of a variable duration that ranges between 10 and 60 minutes.

The Russian Front witnessed the largest tank battles in history. But for the crews of these vehicles, at every moment, in every fraction of a second, there was only one goal: to survive !!!

Commander, loader, driver… they served in a narrow world, where the events of four bloody years turned into nothing more than an endless succession of struggles for a bridge, a village, or an exit.

Panzerkampf throws you into the fight through a short set of rules that have color and detail where it matters. With an “Ace” or “Veteran” crew in many of these engagements, you can conquer it all, live to fight another day, or die instantly from the flash of an invisible muzzle.

Protection, firepower, speed, and crew experience are critical to the game. But no one survives without luck, represented by a series of random events that can help influence the balance of combat in one way or another. The engines stop; turret jam; and from the sky come Stukas and Sturmoviks. Their cannons are deadly, but can they always distinguish between friend and foe?

Panzerkampf, a simple game system that can be adapted to different models of miniatures and your own scenarios

A Panzerkampf game is divided into a series of turns, each of which consists of several phases that must be completed in the following order:

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Initiative phase: each player rolls a 1d6. The player with the highest roll wins the initiative and moves second. The player who wins the initiative will have a -1 penalty for the next initiative roll. The penalties accumulate as long as the player maintains the initiative, so after having the initiative twice in a row, the next roll will have a modifier of -2.

Panzerkampf Components

Repairs phase: vehicles with a damaged cannon or turret may attempt to repair them. However, only one repair attempt is allowed per turn for each crew, so the gun or the turret, not both. However, veteran crews can repeat one failed repair attempt per turn.

Movement phase: the player who lost the initiative moves first, followed by the player who won the initiative. Both players can use all, part or none of the allowed movement capacity of the vehicle in question.

Turret movement phase: Once the two players have moved all of their vehicles, they can change the orientation of the turret of their tanks.

Trigger phase: this phase is simultaneous for both players. Both make rolls to hit the firing vehicles and then to determine damage, if hits have occurred.

Panzerkampf cover

The game has been designed by Jose Antonio Luengo, creator of other titles such as
Waterloo 1815: Napoleon’s Last Battle, Austerlitz 1805 or Norway 1940. The author is responsible for Trafalgar Editions, the company through which he has published all these games and which will also take over Panzerkampf.

The Panzerkampf kickstarter campaign It will be active until December 21, 2021, patrons can get a basic copy of the game for a contribution of 33 euros. The company hopes to ship the game in June 2022.

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