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Okay? Ubisoft Recruiter Offers Job Saying Blizzard Is Worse | LevelUp

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The Activision-Blizzard and Ubisoft scandals, generated by reports of abuse, harassment, mistreatment, nepotism and how much is wrong in a work environment, have unleashed a wave of questions about the state of the industry regarding its most valuable asset , Workers. Unfortunately, things seem to be so bad that there are creatives who are faced with career options in which they have to decide which is the least harmful.

Luckily things are worse at Blizzard

According to a Twitter user and video game developer, Robin Vilain @acccent, who participated in Reflector in the development of Unknown 9: Awakening As chief designer, he recently had a communication with a Ubisoft recruiter, which led to a curious moment. According to the creative, the person from the French company who contacted him asked him what he would need to stay at Ubisoft for more than 5 years. Vilain’s response was that their locations needed to be better and safer workplaces for employees, and the work culture needed to change from top to bottom. With that said, the recruiter mentioned that at least [en Ubisoft] they weren’t as bad as Blizzard.

Vilain, who has taken part on behalf of workers in the video game industry, shared the anecdote pointing out why Ubisoft is struggling to find new talent.

Other creatives pointed out that the state of the work environment is very bad

Taking into account that Vilain worked in the design section of Rainbow Six: Siege, Far Cry 3 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, as shown on your CV, It is clear that the creative knows what happens at Ubisoft and that is why he was encouraged to make what happened public, although he asked that the recruiter not be criticized, but the industry companies that do not treat their workers well.

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This post was filled with responses from other creatives, who mentioned that worker abuse has been going on at Ubisoft for at least 10 years. Likewise, there are those who point out that the human resources areas of video game companies continue to be surprised when developers ask for good working conditions to accept the offer.

So it seems that there is still a long way to go for workers in the video game industry in their fight for a better work environment.

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