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Niantic and Fold App create a Pokémon GO-like experience but with Bitcoin | LevelUp

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The commitment to the next step of technology integrated into people’s daily lives is in favor of augmented reality. For years, this type of experience has become very popular among mobile device users thanks to applications such as Pokémon GO And everything indicates that new forms of diversification are about to take over the market in the face of the cryptocurrency boom.

Fold App: AR, Metaverse and Cryptomondas

Niantic, creators of the augmented reality platform where it operates Pokémon GO, announced its alliance with Fold App, an online payment platform, to create an experience similar to the successful iOS and Android game but with cryptocurrencies. According to official information, (via Nintendo Life), users | Players will be in search of cryptocurrencies instead of Pokémon creatures through a system that will launch a block with the cryptocurrency and other prizes every 10 minutes in locations close to where they are.

Niantic x Fold

Of course, this does not mean that the player earns 1 Bitcoin, because what they will get in the Niantic and Fold app is a Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin and equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. The idea is to collect little by little to try to win an attractive amount that may not change the life of the player but that will keep him hooked on the game.

However, not everything is so easy in this app as Fold reported that in this augmented reality environment there will be Shitcoins and Poison Pills, harmful objects that will come out unexpectedly and if they are collected by the player they will cause the player to lose any Satoshi. collected.

According to Fold, This is one of the first proposals that seeks to exploit augmented reality technology, the Metaverse and cryptocurrencies, in this case Bitcoin, and one of its objectives is that the user can pay for some things with the Satoshi that he wins.

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