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If you are not using these techniques, you are playing Halo incorrectly

Grapplejacking, repulsor booping, and remote detonations are just some of the best techniques in Halo Infinite.

Judging from my timeline, there are a lot of people stepping into Halo Infinite who don’t have a lot of experience with the series. As a PC gamer, I missed almost all of the Halo games when they first came out and was only able to play them thanks to the Master Chief Collection and Game Pass. As a layman, there are many hidden techniques that I have discovered from watching clips on Twitter and Reddit. It may seem like an old school shooter, but there is surprisingly deep technology in Halo Infinite once you start playing with all the new weapons and gear. Halo veterans may scoff at some of these plays, but Infinite is a new game, and I’m sure there will be some things here that you didn’t know you could do, even if you consider yourself a Halo pro.

There are a couple of things about flying vehicles that you might not know. Wasp and Banshee are invaluable tools for suppressing enemies and covering a large amount of ground quickly in Halo Infinite’s high-team battles, but there are many things you can do with them that may not seem obvious. For example, flying ships can’t carry passengers normally, but check out this clip from Twitch streamer NadeGod who managed to carry two teammates on the wings of a Wasp all over the map. Fly under the canyon wall to avoid being seen, then drop your teammates right on top of the enemy flag. Like a scene from Mission Impossible, the carrier can get back on the Wasp while NadeGod carries his ass back to its base. It’s probably not an easy move to pull off, but that won’t stop me from trying every game I play for the rest of my life.

If you’ve played more than a few rounds of Infinite, you’ve probably been the victim of a grapplejack. The new Grappleshot is a great way to get around the map, but it’s also useful for carjacking because it allows you to steal someone’s car without having to get close enough to get hit. Grapplejacking Warthogs and Razorbacks is common, but you may not have known that you can also deal with Wasps and Banshees. Unfortunately, the range of the Grappleshot is quite short, so unless the enemy airman is firing close to the ground, it appears that it would be quite impossible to hold onto it. The trick is to use your environment to get closer to the ship. The cooldown of the Grappleshot is short enough that you can effectively carry Spider-Man up a wall until you are within range of a ship. Check out this clip from The Trophy Room podcast host Joseph Moran who taught me how to grapplejack like a pro.

Another tip on vehicles: the stripped Razorback car can hold the flag. This clip on u / Matictac’s Reddit shows them fighting and then capturing the enemy flag three times using just a Razorback to bring it back to their base. You can also carry the flag on the Warthog, but you will need a passenger to hold it. This is the only vehicle that allows you to cover the enemy flag alone.

Here are some things about grenades that you didn’t know. This clip from Game Informer Podcast host Alex Van Aken shows that you can fire grenade stations to blow up grenades. Killing someone this way rewards you with a remote detonation badge.

It can also fire grenades into the air to activate a remote detonation. This has apparently been possible since Halo 4, but a lot of people may not know about it. I didn’t, and really, who else matters? The grenades themselves even deal damage if you can hit someone directly with one. Halo Infinite is a game focused on grenades, so learning these techniques will add valuable tools to your arsenal.

One of the most powerful equipment in the game is the Repulsor, but it’s hard to tell what exactly it’s doing when you’re using it. Activating the Repulsor will cause your Spartan to pick up first and unleash a shock wave that launches grenades, rockets, vehicles, and even other Spartans away from you. The most obvious use of the Repulsor is to deflect grenades when you can’t get away from them, but it also has some lesser-known uses. Whenever the enemy team starts wreaking havoc with an energy sword and hammer, it can be smart to equip a Repulsor to drive them away from you before they can attack. You can also make enemies fall to the side of certain maps to kill them for free. This clip from Reddit user u / Niberus shows how you can use the Repulsor to quickly move stacks of Power Seeds across the arena in Big Team Battles. Work smart and not hard.

Redditor u / AnonDooDoo shows how easy it is to push people and vehicles into the center pit every time they hit the jump pad at the launch site. This is especially useful for capturing the flag, as people always use this jump pad to quickly get to the flag.

Here’s a cool combination to keep in mind. Throw a grenade behind someone who is rushing you and then use the Repulsor to knock them down. In the clip, Redditor u / Letsgetmouldy uses it to repel an enemy with an energy sword, but you can use this technique on anyone chasing you.

I will keep a record of any new techniques I find. Feel free to send me cool Halo clips at [email protected] o DM en Twitter @epicswitzer.

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