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Guardians of the Galaxy’s best ability comes too late

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy presents many interesting abilities for its cast, but one comes too late in history to make use of it.

While it is true that the greatest strength of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy it’s your story, your game can still be a lot of fun. Once players have mastered each character’s move set, they can combine attacks with ease, lifting enemies into the sky with Groot and then having Rocket blow them up with a grenade. Each team member also has a Mega Ability, such as Star-Lord’s invulnerability or Rocket’s massive weapon.

However, while Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Fans have a bit of time with most of these Mega Skills, one nearing the end of the story. The ability in question is Groot’s Gift of the Florae, which is not unlocked until Chapter 14. This being the last long Chapter in the narrative, as 15 and 16 consist mostly of boss battles, players only have a few opportunities to use it. This is a bit embarrassing, although there are likely a few reasons why this skill comes so late.

Gift of Groot of the Florae

Groot’s mega ability allows Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy players to revive their entire team at once, including Star-Lord himself. As a team tank, Groot can take a lot of punishments, meaning players will rarely see him go down before the other Guardians. As such, this skill is invaluable and would be especially useful in hard mode. However, since it is so late in the game, some players will never have a chance to properly experiment with it.

While is true that Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy offers a new plus game mode for players to enjoy, which means they could use Groot’s Mega Ability there, not everyone will play the game twice. Many players only run narrative-focused linear games once, which means it’s best to give them as much time as possible with exciting game mechanics on their first run. However, aside from the boss battle with Grand Unifier Raker, players may never see Gift of the Florae used in their games. Since it essentially gives players a retry on every fight, while also allowing them to heal themselves without falling, it would have been more useful if it had happened earlier.

Why Gift of the Florae is so late in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy story

Still, while it would have been understandable for Gift of the Florae to be unlocked earlier from a gaming perspective, it would have made little sense in the context of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxyhistory of. Groot’s special power is revealed at a memorable moment in the narrative, as he uses it to revive Fin Fang Foom after the heroes accidentally kill him. If the ability had been unlocked earlier, this moment would have been less shocking, as players would have known that Groot would be able to resurrect the dragon. With the scene and chapter revolving around the Guardians capturing Foom alive, this ability would have made that part of the plot absurd.

It can also be argued that Gift of the Florae is a bit overpowered. The game’s combat isn’t particularly difficult on normal or easy, so giving players Gift of the Florae too early could have turned it into a walk in the park. Maybe a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy The ability that removes the resurrection feature would have been fairer and could have come earlier, but having a second chance mechanic for the entirety of the game could have simplified things and eliminated any sense of challenge.

If there is ever a sequel to Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy, it will be interesting to see how Eidos Montreal balances skill. Not only is he incredibly strong, but it could take away any sense of what is at stake in the plot, something that was clearly shown when Groot revived Star-Lord from the dead after the end of the game. Regardless, while Gift of the Florae is an interesting and arguably the most powerful ability in the game, it comes too late to have a real impact on combat.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy It’s available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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