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Former BioWare Writer Concerned About New Mass Effect Series | LevelUp

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In recent days a report emerged stating that Amazon is very close to closing an agreement with Electronic Arts to develop a series based on Mass Effect, the popular and acclaimed RPG series from BioWare. Unsurprisingly, thousands of fans reacted to this news with skepticism and concern, a natural behavior considering the numerous video game adaptations that turned out to be a fiasco.

Surprisingly, David Gaider, former BioWare writer who worked on the franchise Dragon Age, also addressed these rumors and announced that, although he is happy that it is a series and not a movie, he still believes that there are many things that can go wrong in this Amazon production.

Mass Effect series may disappoint fans, says David Gaider

In an extensive Twitter thread, the creative explained some reasons why he considers that an adaptation of BioWare’s space opera can result in a disappointment for fans.

To begin with, David Gaider thinks that the first problem lies with the main character, since both Mass Effect What Dragon Age allow users to play as a male or female protagonist. Likewise, he explains that the series will have a very difficult time adapting a character that does not have its own personality.

“These protagonists were designed to be like a blank slate, one that the player fills with their decisions. That is not going to work for a passive medium. Then suddenly the protagonist will have his own personality and his own story. That will be strange ”, explained the writer.

On the other hand, David Gaider emphasizes that the secondary characters of Mass Effect and Dragon Age they have a great weight in the narrative. For this reason, it will be almost impossible to balance them all in a series and inevitably some will remain in the background or not even appear.

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The scriptwriter also reminds us that there is the possibility that those responsible for the show decide to put aside the companions and to focus on the story, something that he considers would be a mistake. This is due to the fact that, from his point of view, the interactivity with the secondary characters in Mass Effect and Dragon Age it is the star of the experience and not the plot.

“Take away all of that, lose most of the peers and potentially you will end up with a fairly ordinary science fiction or fantasy show (…) All of that is, of course, if the series of Mass Effect it is mishandled ”.

But tell us, are you excited to see a series from this BioWare franchise? Let us read you in the comments.

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