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Elder Scrolls Online: How to Trade Buildings in Armory Station

Elder Scrolls Online update 32 will add the Armory system, allowing players to easily swap settings by remembering their gear and abilities.

Elder Scrolls and Linea will release its next DLC Deadlands and a free update this November. Update 32 offers some fixes to the game and some new features, including the Armory system. This new system, free for all players, will allow complete build changes to be completed in one place and virtually instantly.

Access to the Armory will be available in two different ways: an Armory Station or an Armory Assistant. The Armory Station will be free to all players and can be purchased as furniture from the Crown Store. After purchase, it can be placed in any Ancient scrolls home owned by the player to access their benefits. Players will also have the option to purchase the Armory Assistant for a price from the Crown Store. The Armory Assistant offers the added benefit of accessing the Armory almost anywhere in Tamriel in the form of a Travel Assistant.

Available actions will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when accessing the Armory. Save compilation will take note of the current charge of the character and save it for easier access in the future. Equip build will change the current build of a character to the selected build. Players can choose Build Settings to change the name and icon of the builds they create, making it easier to sort your selection later. The use of the Armory will always be free.

The Armory recalls character builds in Elder Scrolls Online

Everybody Ancient parchment Attribute and skill point assignments will be saved for each build, allowing completely different playstyles to be implemented immediately when swapped. All points that have been committed to Magicka, Health, Stamina, and all distributed skill points can be reassigned using a Shrine of Rededication or a Scroll of Respecification. Although these methods work, are expensive and time consuming, the new Armory system will allow players to switch between saved respecs more efficiently.

All Slotted and Passive Champion Stars are included in a build and will be remembered when saved to the Armory. Players would normally have to spend 3000 gold each time they wanted to respect their Champion Points, but a quick trip to the Armory will now save any changes for easier access in the future.

The Armory will also allow players to change their curse status easily. Players who have unlocked the werewolf and vampire skill lines in Ancient scrolls you can quickly turn them on and off using different saved builds. This will save valuable time on missions to heal or reinfect a character.

Any clothing, weapons, poisons, or accessories players wear will be saved in their settings to allow for quick changes to these items later. Any equipped outfit will also be saved as part of a build, as well as all Quick Slot items like potions and food. Only items that are already in the player’s inventory can be equipped from the Armory. This means that any equipment stored in the player’s Bank, or elsewhere, that is part of a build will not be included when that build is equipped with the Armory, and will instead be highlighted in red.

The Armory does not allow players to place different Mundus Stones, a type of Standing Stone found in Tamriel, for different builds. When saving a new build, active Character Upgrades will not be remembered. Players who wish to use a different Mundus Stones perk after a build change will still need to visit one of their physical locations to activate it.

Elder Scrolls and Linea is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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