Tuesday, August 16

Dying Light 2 will show 15 minutes of gameplay next week

Techland confirms these Dying Light 2: Stay Human It will not suffer any further delays and will be ready on February 4, so the Polish team will begin to show more of their action adventure in the open world. The next look we will see very soon, on December 2 during the fifth episode of his show Dying 2 Know.

The broadcast will include 15 minutes of gameplay in a presentation with Jonah Scott, who voices the main character -Aiden Caldwell- and the streamer britnica Leah. I can talk about the missions, combat, weapons and creatures that we will face; Previous shows told us about the city or about non-playable characters, like Lawan, who is played by actress Rosario Dawson (The Mandalorian).

Dying Light 2 reach Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PS4 y PC, in addition to having a version for Nintendo Switch through cloud play.

Our impressions

This month we were able to play a new version of Dying Light 2 and We tell you that “Techland’s RPG promises a scenario, The City, which is a real pleasure to explore thanks to the improved parkour system and careful design. The combat system, although it could use some adjustments here and there, it’s fun and visceral“.

“How the experience changes between traveling the world by day or at night is extremely interesting. It is a colorful and immersive game even though it is not the audiovisual show that the trailers promise us. But without a doubt, what makes us looking forward to February 4 is his mission design (at least the main ones) thanks to his variety of situations, to his characters, to some very well written dialogues and to decisions that really unleash consequences in many unpredictable cases “.


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