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Cyberpunk 2077 Starts Getting ‘Very Positive’ Reviews On Steam

You have probably heard of Cyberpunk 2077. That ambitious open world RPG developed by CD Projekt RED, which debuted at the end of 2020 to finish off a year that remains to be forgotten. The title came loaded with technical problems, optimization bugs … and it was not until this past summer that the Polish studio considered that the game had reached “a satisfactory level” of performance. As you can guess, the negative reviews from the players rained down like a storm on Cyberpunk 2077… but, this week, things seem to be changing slightly: the project has started receiving very positive reviews on Steam.

Cyberpunk 2077 start getting “very positive” reviews on Steam

When it is about a year since its launch, it seems that CD Projekt RED has once again won the approval of more and more players. The studio has not stopped working on continuous updates to polish and improve the experience of the game, and these efforts will be receiving the approval of users in return. They recently unveiled their new content roadmap as well, though they delayed the debut of the free DLC to 2022.

It was Paweł Sasko, responsible for the missions of Cyberpunk 2077, the one who has echoed the recent changes of opinion that the title is enjoying. On his Twitter account he wrote the following: “In the last few days, Cyberpunk 2077 received a flood of very positive reviews on Steam from new players“Sasko pointed out.” You can’t imagine what this means to me. “

“You can’t imagine what this means to me.”

It has never been doubted that Cyberpunk 2077 It was a title of great ambition and, well executed, it was a true revolution within its genre. The problem was that: its launch gave a half-finished game. The narrative and its playable mechanics were buried under the barrage of glitches and glitches. performance, which did not allow the product to shine as it should.

However, it seems that the polish that CD Projekt RED is applying to the game is serving to start turning the tables. In fact, if we get into your Steam page, we can see that general reviews, dating from the game’s launch to now, are “mostly positive”, but the most recent reviews they are already “very positive”.

If you want to try the game for yourself, we remind you that you currently enjoy a 50% discount: it is available for 29.99 thanks to the Steam Fall Sale.

“CD Projekt gives us one of the best role-playing games of recent years,” we wrote in our analysis. If you need help to drive around Night City, we invite you to consult our guide tips and tricks so you don’t miss a single detail.

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