Thursday, May 26

CD Projekt to start work on new triple A’s from The Witcher and Cyberpunk in 2022

Adam Kiciński, president of CD Projekt, has given an interview to the Polish media Republic in which he has commented on some interesting details of the future of the company. One of the things he has revealed is that next year they plan to start working on new blockbusters of their main sagas: The Witcher and Cyberpunk.

“We are currently focusing on our two franchises,” Kiciński answered to the question of whether they are considering expanding their IP catalog with new franchises, and added: “Both have enormous potential, so one of our strategic objectives is to start working on triple A projects in parallel with our IPs, which we hope will happen next year “.

There are already several projects underway

This is not the first time that CD Projekt has announced its plans to continue creating new triple-A games in 2022; already in June of this year it was anticipated that the Polish company will work in new high-budget titles for next year, also alluding to his intention to continue acquiring new companies as he has done with The Molasses Flood, creators of The Flame in the Flood, who is already working on a new title based on one of his franchises.

To shape all these projects the company employs more than 1200 people, according to its CEO, of which approximately 660 are developers in CD Projekt RED. From those we must subtract “less than a third” which, according to Kiciński, are those who work on the new generation version of Cyberpunk 2077 to arrive in 2022 (that of The Witcher 3, which has also been delayed, is in the hands of Saber Interactive). Another percentage of those workers work in the DLC of Cyberpunk 2077, which have also been delayed, and others in Gwent, the card game of The Witcher. Kiciński mentions that there are also “other projects” launched for those who “every month” hire more people.

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