Tuesday, January 18

CD Projekt is not for sale: CEO insists on ‘staying independent’

In a couple of weeks it will be a year since the original release of Cyberpunk 2077, an eventful premiere from which CD Projekt claims to have learned its lesson and from which it seems that the game is already beginning to recover, at least in terms of the opinion that Steam players have of it. Adam Kiciński, CEO of the Polish firm, has given an interview to Republic in which among other things he has talked about how the launch of the game affected CD Projekt and it seems that there is something that has not changed since then: the company is not for sale.

Kiciński made it clear during the interview that they are currently not open to strategic investments or acquisitions by large companies: “We have repeated for years that we plan to remain independent and that we do not plan to be part of a larger entity. We are not looking for a strategic investor either. “So much so that the CEO assures that in the company’s bylaws there are still mechanisms that prevent hostile acquisitions by other rival companies.

Does CD Projekt plan to buy more development studios?

Actually CD Projekt is now on the other side, in that of acquiring instead of being acquired; Recently purchased from independent studio The Molasses Flood, Responsable of The Flame in the Flood, to develop a new video game set in one of its two great franchises The Witcher and Cyberpunk. This will not be the only project within the framework of these two unique CD Projekt IPs, since in the same interview Adam Kiciński has admitted that next year they will start working on large productions related to these universes.

Currently the company has 1200 employees who are expanding every month, but Does CD Projekt plan to make more acquisitions? The CEO has answered that question during the interview explaining his current position and the reason behind these purchases: “We do not rule out more transactions of this type in the future. The objective of our acquisitions is to strengthen development teams and obtain additional support in the implementation of our strategy “, he said, adding some touches of what they are looking for in the equipment they acquire:” In this type of investment, what interests us most it’s experience and skills, and we attach great importance to a certain team fitting into our group’s culture, “explains Kiciński.


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