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Youtuber MrBeast recreated The Squid Game with more than $ 14 million in prizes | LevelUp

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There is no doubt that the biggest series to hit Netflix did so in 2021 (a few weeks ago), and clearly we are talking about The Squid Game (Squid Game). This production took everyone by surprise and has become a highly popular franchise. Such has been its impact that there is a youtuber who recreated it in real life with a huge contest that offered more than $ 10 million.

The youtuber in question is MrBeast, who is widely recognized for his videos offering fantastic prizes, which is why he has become a very popular celebrity with more than 76 million subscribers.

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Well, now you are giving a lot to talk about because you have just made one of the best and most attractive recreations of The Squid Game in real life, not only because of their games and the number of participants, but also because of the reward, which was more than $ 500 USD or $ 10 million, much of which went to the winner, who took $ 456,000 USD, just over $ 9 million. Obviously the figure for the original game is much higher (a prize equivalent to $ 38.6 million), but it is clear that there had to be some differences.

The MrBeast Game had a high production value, for which it cost more than $ 3.5 million and was made possible thanks to the financing of the company in charge of Brawl Stars. The contest video debuted on the afternoon of November 24 and at the time of writing, just a few hours later, it already has more than 16 million views, which is incredible.

That’s how exciting the MrBeast Game was

The Squid Game MrBeast version started with 456 players, but almost half, 224, were eliminated, so only 232 players went on to Honeycomb, the particular cookie challenge, which was a great challenge for those who had the umbrella shape, but there were some who managed to successfully cut the cookie.

In Honeycomb 82 players were eliminated. However, each of those who fell for this cookie challenge took away $ 2,000. This means that $ 164,000 USD was distributed. 142 people made it through the first 2 games, but they were offered $ 4000 USD if they eliminated the competition; 22 people accepted the offer, which meant giving away $ 88,000 USD.

The next challenge was Tug of War, 12 groups of 10 people were made and only half passed, but perhaps the most difficult challenge was the following, because they were duets of friends and only one of the 2 people would win, which was very emotional. for some.

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In The Squid Game, the next challenge was one that involved violence, so a game was chosen that consisted of duels of flipping a card on the floor by throwing another. Thus, 16 players passed the glass bridge.

After a heart closure, in the end it was 6 players who had to compete for $ 456,000 USD … in the classic game of chairs. The winner took home $ 456,000 USD, but second place did not go empty-handed, but instead received a consolation prize of $ 10,000 USD.

Additionally, MrBeast will give away 10,000 USD to a random person who subscribes to their channel within the next 7 days.

We leave you the video below so you can see how exciting the MrBeast Game was.

What did you think of the contest? Tell us in the comments.

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