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Wheel of Time: All Book Changes in Season 1 Explained

Amazon’s Wheel of Time is adapted from Robert Jordan’s legendary fantasy novels, but the TV series has made many major changes.

From Amazon Time wheel It may be inspired by Robert Jordan’s classic fantasy novels, but the story has been significantly rewritten. In 1984, fantasy writer Robert Jordan approached Tor Books with the idea of ​​writing a new trilogy that he called “The Wheel of Time.” Tom Doherty, the director of Tor Books, had worked with Jordan before and knew that he used to get carried away when he wrote, so he hired Jordan for six books. The result, however, was beyond what even Jordan and Doherty envisioned at the time. The fantasy series Jordan wrote was one of the most vivid and well-developed in the history of the genre, with complex character arcs in which teenagers eventually became powerful warriors. At the end, Time wheel It came to comprise 14 heavyweight volumes, and was actually completed by writer Brandon Sanderson after Jordan sadly passed away before ending the series in 2007.

Most readers assumed Time wheel it would never suit, be it for the big or small screen. The story was too vast and long, the world too complex. But the success of Game of Thrones has revolutionized the fantasy genre, with studios and networks now competing to create full-length fantasy shows that can fill the void that now remains Game of Thrones is over. «There’s a bit of a gold rush mentality stemming from the success of ‘Game of Thrones, «Marc Guggenheim, Executive Producer of carnival queue, saying The Wall Street Journal. «Everyone wants to take advantage of that audience.“This has already spawned some great TV shows, like the ones on Shadow and bone and The Wizardand Amazon has signed up to launch a Time wheel serie.

From Amazon Time wheel It does, however, make a number of changes to the books, some of which have been quite controversial, but others have been cleverly executed to suit the television format and for our modern times. The number of changes will undoubtedly increase over time. Here are all the major changes from the books that have taken place in the series thus far.

The wheel of time omits the introduction and visions

The opening of Time wheel it is very different, omitting an introduction that sets up the Dragon. While this may have been done for budgetary reasons, these are scenarios that would never be seen again and spectacular effects like the elevation of an entire mountain, indeed, it makes narrative sense to skip the introduction. Jordan plunges readers into a complex fantasy world with little explanation, introducing countless terms and concepts that he unpacks as the series progresses, meaning it would be quite challenging for viewers unfamiliar with the books.

Jordan has no real mystery about the Dragon Reborn’s identity, and readers can quickly deduce that he is really the main protagonist and point-of-view character, Rand al’Thor. On the one hand, he experiences a series of haunting visions that explore the history of the nations and his previous life as a Dragon. Again, the decision to skip these dreams may be for budgetary reasons, but it also has a narrative purpose; Time wheel is much more mysterious about the Dragon’s identity, and neither Moiraine nor viewers in general are completely sure who he really is. It is very possible Time wheel will take things in a different direction, choosing a different character to be the Dragon Reborn.

Wheel of Time characters are older than the books

One of the most controversial changes in Time wheel it is related to the ages of the characters. In the books, they are certainly young teenagers, completely out of their depth in the world of chaos in which they find themselves immersed. From amazon Time wheel He has aged them to keep them from looking like a young adult television series, and this has resulted in significant changes to the character arcs. In the books, Rand is mute and in love with Egwene, barely managing to ask her to dance with him; on the Amazon TV series, they are already a couple, even sleeping together. Perrin, meanwhile, has reinvented himself as the local blacksmith, a married man whose wife suffers a heartbreaking fate.

Egwene is also a Ta’veren, and possibly Nynaeve

One of Robert Jordan’s most interesting ideas is the concept of “ta’veren.” As the books explain, «And sometimes the Wheel bends a thread of life, or several threads, in such a way that all the threads that surround it are forced to rotate around it, and those threads force other threads, and those others, and so on. That first flex to make the Web, that’s taveren, and there’s nothing you can do to change it, not until the Pattern itself changes.. “In Jordan’s books, there are three ta’veren at Emond’s Field; Rand, Mat and Perrin. Amazon Time wheel takes a different approach, potentially turning Egwene into a ta’veren, as well as Nynaeve. Surprisingly, Moiraine even reveals that she does not know which of the four is actually the Dragon Reborn, suggesting that the Dragon may have been reincarnated into a woman – five, including Nynaeve, who was dragged away in the first episode before Moiraine could really prove. she.

The only power of the wheel of time is less spectacular than the books

In Jordan’s books, the channelers weave threads of One Power to spectacular visual effect. There are five specific threads, each with a distinctive color; earth, fire, air, spirit and water. Male channelers can access the most destructive threads, earth and fire, where female channelers, like the Aes Sedai, specialize in others. Time wheel Overall, it seems to be following the same kind of approach, but the strands have all been bleached, making spellcasting a lot less beautiful than the books. Ironically, this particular change may not have been made for budgetary reasons; rather, the visual effects teams may have felt that the different colors were distracting in various scenes. The bright white images of the One Power also emphasize the idea that Aes Sedai’s power is white or light magic.

The wheel of time approach is broader than books

Robert Jordan’s First Book Time wheel, The eye of the world, focuses entirely on Rand al’Thor. In contrast, the Amazon television series spends time with all of its main characters; that makes for a very different narrative and frankly much more enjoyable and dramatic. Egwene’s initiation into the Women’s Circle is hinted at in the books but never described, while Time wheel shows the whole ritual. Similarly, Trolloc’s attack on Emond’s Field is told to Rand when he arrives with his wounded father, rather than actually experiencing it.

Emond’s country party grows slower

Emond’s Field party grows much slower on Amazon Time wheel than in the books. In Jordan’s tale, Thom Merrilin is in Emond’s field when the Trollocs attack, and he accompanies them on their journey to Tar Valon; in contrast, Amazon only features it in Episode 3, when it saves Rand and Mat from a Darkfriend. Nynaeve’s journey is much more dramatic; In the books, she is preoccupied with treating the wounded, and chases the group from Emond’s Field to bring them back, but in the TV series the Trollocs drag her away and initially consider her dead.

Emond’s Field Five’s journey is different

From Amazon Time wheel it moves at a much faster rate than the Robert Jordan novels, and as a result, the journey that Emond’s Field Five takes is subtly different. They skip several cities before visiting Shadar Logoth and come across Whitecloaks along the way rather than within one of the cities. Again, this has a dramatic purpose, because it means that the encounter with the Whitecloaks is much more intense and effective; Amazon has done well to make the fast-paced work in terms of narrative.

Moiraine’s injury adds tension to the wheel of time

Finally, Moiraine is injured during the first battle against the Trollocs, and the poison spreads throughout her body; it can only be healed by another Aes Sedai, and in its absence the wound rots. This is a major rewrite for Time wheel, which adds tension to the story because audiences don’t just assume that Moiraine can pull the party out of whatever crisis they face. It further explains the references in the book to her being tired after performing feats that, later in the series, would seem commonplace to her.

New episodes of Time wheel Launch Thursdays on Amazon Prime.

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