Wednesday, August 17

Thymesia gets PS5 and Xbox series versions, delayed to 2022

OverBorder Studio’s Thymesia will get the S / X versions of the PS5 and Xbox Series, something that will delay the game until 2022.

The Soulslike genre has evolved a lot over the past decade, and FromSoftware’s efforts have influenced the numerous games that have been released and those to come in the near future. One of these titles is Thymesia, developed by indie developer Overborder Studio. Thymesia takes inspiration from FromSoftware’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne when it comes to its aesthetics to the gameplay. This includes the main character’s ability to wield various weapons that embody his raven design, facing giant and difficult threats in a desolate world. However, players will wait a little longer to wield that arsenal.

In early August, the initial announcement from OverBorder Studio and Team17 said that Thymesia he was to be released at the end of December. It would be released just a month before the expected and bigger Soulslike game, Elden Ring, developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with fantasy writer George RR Martin. While it was originally slated to release exclusively on PC, a delay is being made to accommodate console releases.

The announcement of this delay was posted on the OverborderStudio Twitter account, where the developers acknowledged that some might be disappointed to learn that the game will not be released until next year. However, he noted the community’s support for Thymesia, stating that this delay is to release the game in the best possible state, ensuring that the developers give the game the proper amount of love and care needed.

Shortly after the announcement of the delay, the developers released a fast forward, showcasing some of the boss fights and explorable world of Thymesia. Not only did he say that Thymesia It would be released later in 2022, but it announced that the game would be coming to both the Xbox Series X / S consoles and the PS5. The delay makes sense, as the game had originally been a PC exclusive until now, which means it will need to be optimized for these specific new releases.

There were some fans who noticed how this delay could put Thymesia in direct competition for Elden Ring, with the two already getting comparisons beforehand. That doesn’t help Elden Ring will also be released on all platforms that Thymesia It will also be released on PC. However, despite the challenging place you are currently in, there are still a few ways Thymesia stands out compared to other Soulslike games. Hopefully it will still find a special place in players’ hearts once it launches next year.

Thymesia is scheduled to release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S in 2022.

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