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They are fed up! Roblox sues youtuber for a millionaire sum | LevelUp

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Despite the questionable details of its monetization model, which we talk about in this article, Roblox It is one of the most successful platforms in recent years and has become a millionaire business for its owners, the Roblox Corporation. However, dealing with millions of users is not easy and some think they can do their thing without consequences, but in this case, it might not be the case for a well-known youtuber related to the platform.

Roblox goes all out against youtuber Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon

According to information from KotakuRoblox Corporation has taken action on the matter regarding the actions of youtuber Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon, who could be involved in the biggest problem of his life. The foregoing after it was confirmed that the company responsible for the platform filed a lawsuit against the youtuber in a California Court where he is accused of harming the community and Roblox Corporation with acts whose repair would involve $ 1.6 million.

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Roblox Corporation estimates that the damages caused are for $ 1.6 million

As revealed in the lawsuit, Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon is accused of verbal violence and sexual harassment of members of the community of Roblox, in addition to carrying out terrorism-related threats against Roblox Corporation.

Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon has been associated with the scene of Roblox Since 2010 and for a few years he was permanently banned, however, he has found a way to remain active through fake accounts and continues to monetize his YouTube channel with content obtained from the platform.

Among the accusations made against Benjamin “Ruben Sim” Simon, is his explicit apology for the attack perpetrated by a shooter against YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California; attempts to upload content of yourself naked; use of racist and homophobic slurs; attempts to upload sexually themed games on the platform and attempts to upload images of Hitler.

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