Tuesday, August 16

Stephen Curry takes the brothers’ duel after a brutal comeback by the Warriors




SStephen Curry scored 25 points on 6/11 from 3-pointers to win the family game over his brother Seth, who stayed at 24 and didn’t score any of his five shots from the arc. And the Warriors crushed the Sixers after a brutal comeback. They trailed by 19 (34-53) in the second quarter and ended up winning by 20 with an 82-43 run in the final 29 minutes of the game, including 64-35 in the second half.

Curry was joined by Juan Toscano-Anderson, who scored all of his 13 points in the second half, and Gary Payton II, who passed their energy on to the Warriors. They culminated their comeback with consecutive triples from Curry and his teammate Damion Lee with 39 seconds remaining in the third quarter (86-84). Afterwards, the Sixers disappeared in the last receiving a 30-12.

“We can score, but we activated the defensive switch and made them throw difficult shots in the second half and we also used that to improve the attack. It was quite impressive the change of energy we had after the first quarter,” analyzed the winning Curry.

The Sixers, without Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris, lost for the seventh time in nine games while the Warriors remain at the top of the rankings with a record of 15-2 and are the only one in the NBA to have reached 100 points. in all their matches in addition to maintaining the best defensive records in the League.

“The Warriors make you fall in love with their triples and they kill you with the shots of two. The shots that Steph makes hypnotize you, but they are killing you with both and I think that the teams that understand that will understand better how to play with them”, summarized Doc Rivers, coach of the Sixers.


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