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Staten: Halo Infinite delay was thinking of gamers | LevelUp

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The pre-launch of Halo Infinite It is going well and has managed to turn around the controversy that occurred last year when the delay of the game was confirmed, originally intended to mark the beginning of the Xbox Series X | S cycle. An important part of bringing the ship to fruition was the return of franchise veteran Joseph Staten, who returned to take over the game and who just spoke about that difficult time for 343 Industries.

The delay of Halo Infinite It was painful, but it’s worth it

A few days after the official debut of Halo Infinite ―Which will be highlighted by the arrival of the campaign mode and the start of the multiplayer itself, as it is currently in Beta― Joseph Staten, creative director of the project, spoke with IGN on the decision to delay the game at a time that was thought to accompany the arrival of Xbox Series X | S. According to the creative, despite being somewhat difficult for 343i, the decision was made with the players in mind: “There was a lot of pressure to stay the course. I think it is a really wonderful example of Xbox leadership doing the right thing for our fans, doing the right thing for gamers, even though it hurt them and even though there were costs associated with it. It was 100% a player-minded decision, and I’m very proud of the studio and Xbox for it. “

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The arrival of Staten led to the development of [i]Halo Infinite[/i]

The arrival of Staten seems to have been the right decision as it led the project at a time when its leadership was crumbling as important creatives left. In that sense, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, considered it as something positive, revealing that the directions of the creatives and the project had separated.

The campaign of Halo Infinite It will debut on December 8 and here we tell you what time you can start playing so you can see first-hand the new chapter in the history of the franchise.

Remember that in this link you will find all the information related to Halo Infinite, which will debut on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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