Sunday, December 5

Sony patents an activity card system similar to the PS5 and the Xbox Snap

On July 29 Sony register one patent which has been published recently. It talks about a series of techniques that allow the user of a game console to switch between apps without stopping the game which is running; Both the definition and the examples used in this document are reminiscent of the current card system present in PS5, since it is structured in floating windows that can be opened during the game to carry out actions such as playing music.

Some of the functions described in the patent are already available on Sony’s next generation console, such as open other applications directly from the game Without having to stop it thanks to windows that are displayed in portions of the screen (currently we can capture a video and post it on Twitter, for example, without stopping our game). However, there are differences from the current system: “The window can be set on the interface and the user can switch from one to the other automatically “, we can read in the description.

Una funcin similar a Snap, de Xbox

The system described in Sony’s patent is not only reminiscent of the one that already exists on PS5, but also looks a lot like Snap, a feature Xbox introduced in its last generation of consoles allowing to show several frames on the screen (to watch a football game while we were playing, for example), but which later fell into oblivion. This same year The company has recovered one of its functions, that of broadcasting on Twitch from the menu, for the Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One interface.

These changes have made portals think as Gamingbolt that the patent could reflect future enhancements to the PS5 interface, something Hideaki Nishino, senior vice president of platform at Sony Interactive Entertainment, already dropped when he said “there are interesting, exciting and fantastic ideas” in the list of future updates for the next generation console.

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