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Selling Sunset: How Emma Hernan Gets On Good With Her Co-stars

Emma Hernan, one of the newest agents to join The Oppenheim Group, shares about her growing connection to the cast of Netflix’s Selling Sunset.

What Selling Sunset Season 4 is approaching, Emma Hernan reveals her close bond with the cast of the Netflix series. With many things left unsaid about the upcoming season of Selling Sunset, the new agents in the office have left fans eagerly awaiting an update on The Oppenheim Group. According to the Selling Sunset season 4 trailer, the upcoming season is sure to be dramatic, especially with the arrival of new agents like Emma.

It’s not all negative drama either, as many of the current agents get along. Aside from the ongoing drama that has centered on Christine Quinn, the office has focused on getting along and strengthening relationships after the pandemic. With the recent marriage of Heather Young, several new agents were added to the office and the friendships between the ladies of the office solidified, Selling Sunset season 4 has a lot to offer when it premieres.

In an interview with ME!, Emma shared her new experience with agents at The Oppenheim Group. She said, “if I could choose my co-workers, they would be all the people who actually work in the Oppenheim Group «. Grateful for her work family, Emma noted that her co-stars have brought a lot of positivity to her life, although her comment about being “authentic” it could be a slight, grim nod to his disagreements with Christine. Not only does Emma feel a strong connection to her colleagues at the office, but she also shared that the women of the Oppenheim Group are “His closest friends” and that their bond and relationship are very “special” to her.

While sharing her enthusiasm for the office as a whole, Emma specifically mentioned her friendship with Mary and Chrishell, two of her closest friends in the Oppenheim Group. Claiming to be “His number one fan” When it comes to accomplishments at work, Emma explained that for herself, she only wants the best for her fellow agents as they advance in their real estate careers. Weather Selling Sunset You could focus on women competing with each other, they really seem to support each other, and Emma goes so far as to say that she loves seeing her co-workers succeed. While the office has been divided over Christine’s cruelty, Emma appears to be a healing presence in the office.

With mixed emotions in season 4, fans can look forward to the fallout from last season’s drama and the beginning of new friendships. As Christine’s position in the office falters and Emma establishes herself, plenty of good television awaits the audience, courtesy of the Oppenheim Group.

Selling Sunset Season 4 premieres November 24 on Netflix.

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