Sunday, August 7

Save your back – this robot will rake and shovel for you

An autonomous robot named Kobi could soon save your back from hard work in the garden.

The robot can serve as a snow blower and lawn mower and rake leaves in your garden, according to The Kobi Company. It can even shred your lawn, making your lawn healthier.

Before you get too excited, Kobi costs $ 3,999, but the robots that were made available to consumers in a test run have already sold out. More units should be on sale again next year.

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For starters, he would show Kobi the perimeter of his garden. The robot’s sensors will detect those perimeters and Kobi will remember them to autonomously maintain his garden.

Kobi doesn’t allow leaves to pile up or grass to overgrow, and it knows when it’s snowing, although you’ll need to manually install different accessories for specific tasks.

(Image credit: Kobi)

However, the hefty price tag of Kobi might be worth it for those who hire landscapers to do yard work. In lawn mode, this robot can handle up to seven acres of land. As a snowblower, Kobi can cover 0.37 acres, so it should be able to handle your driveway or walkway.

For those concerned about Overdrive máximo Faced with the scenarios or if you are concerned that AI-powered autonomous vehicles might one day take over the world, you can take Kobi out of autonomous mode and control it with a smartphone app. The Kobi Company reassures potential buyers, saying, “Kobi is smart, but he will never be smarter than you.”

And at that price, we don’t see Kobi putting human landscapers out of business any time soon.

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