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Pokémon Diamond / Pearl and Nintendo Switch are the best sellers of the week in Japan

Famitsu has published its estimate of physical video games and consoles sold during the week of November 15 to 21 in the Japanese market, a period that has been marked by the spectacular premiere of Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl with more than one million units sold in just three days, breaking records within the franchise itself Pokmon like the premiere of Pokémon Sword and Shield, which at its launch in Japan managed to sell 1,364,544 million physical copies.

If you have already entered the remakes from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl We recommend that you have our guide in Spanish at hand. If you have not done it yet, we leave you our analysis so you know what to expect from them.

Battlefield 2042 records a better launch in Japan than Call of Duty: Vanguard

Another outstanding premiere of the week has been that of Battlefield 2042, which between its next generation version for PS5 and that of PS4 has managed to sell 46,905 units in Japan (more than Call of Duty: Vanguard). Positioning itself as the second most successful title of the week followed by Mario Party Superstars, which continues to sell well since its launch on October 29, and Shin Megami Tensei V, which was the best seller of the previous week.

Below you can see the list of best-selling physical video games in Japan during the week of November 15-21:

  1. [NSW] Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl (The Pokmon Company. 11/19/21) 1.395.642 (Nuevo)
  2. [NSW] Mario Party Superstars (Nintendo. 10/29/21) 39.797 (329.497)
  3. [PS4] Battlefield 2042 (Electronic Arts. 11/19/21) 25.268 (Nuevo)
  4. [NSW] Shin Megami Tensei V (Atlus. 11/11/21) 22.513 (165.760)
  5. [PS5] Battlefield 2042 (Electronic Arts. 11/19/21) 21.637 (Nuevo)
  6. [NSW] Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo. 10/18/19) 11.822 (2.920.975)
  7. [NSW] Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo. 03/20/20) 11.149 (6.945.689)
  8. [NSW] Minecraft (Microsoft. 06/21/18) 10.084 (2.279.676)
  9. [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo. 04/28/17) 9890 (4.142.150)
  10. [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo. 12/07/18) 8621(4.506.739)

Nintendo Switch surpasses 22 million consoles sold in Japan

Regarding the hardware there is little surprise: Nintendo Switch It has been the best-seller in Japan for one more week, adding 167,778 new consoles that help it to overcome a new milestone in the Japanese market. Specifically, the hybrid It has already sold 22,026,770 units since its launch in 2017, adding the total sales of its standard version and Lite and OLED models; the latter, by the way, has been the best-seller of this period.

The second best-selling family of consoles of the week has been PS5 with a total of 4307 units adding their standard and digital only models. Xbox Series X/S holds the third position with 3,422 units sold and PS4 is in last place with 188 units, below even the 365 consoles that the family has sold Nintendo 2DS. Below you can see the list of best-selling consoles in Japan during the week of November 15-21:

  • Switch Model OLED 68796 (377.001)
  • Switch 60.512 (17.454.460)
  • Switch Lite 38.470 (4.195.309)
  • PlayStation 5 4134 (988.400)
  • Xbox Series X 2203 (69.919)
  • Xbox Series S 1219 (52.218)
  • New 2DS LL (incluyendo 2DS) 365 (1.177.353)
  • PlayStation 4 188 (7.818.813)
  • PlayStation 5 Digital Edition 173 (188.845)


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