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Platinum trophies on Xbox? The company reveals plans to adapt something similar | LevelUp

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Something that Xbox popularized in the video game industry is the achievement system, which was later implemented by PlayStation in its consoles in the form of trophies. While these are basically challenges and there are not many differences, there is a feature of the PlayStation system that Xbox users would like to have on the brand’s consoles and today it was revealed that it could become a reality.

In case you don’t know, the system of achievements and trophies is very similar, since it is based on the fulfillment of requirements that unlock points for the gamerscore (Xbox) or trophies (PlayStation). The challenges are the same, the difference is that on Xbox around 1000 points are awarded for completing a game and on PlayStation approximately a total of 50 trophies.

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What are the differences between Xbox achievements and PlayStation trophies?

However, the main difference lies in the completion, since by completing all the challenges, Xbox players do not receive anything else; instead, PlayStation players win 1 more trophy, the maximum, of platinum.

Many might believe that it is something insignificant (it is just one more trophy for the account, which offers a little more points in the PlayStation ranking system), but there are Xbox players who will be rewarded with something similar on the consoles of the mark when they complete a video game.

Well, Xbox has listened to fan requests and recently, in an interview with Iron Lords PodcastXbox Director of Product Management Jason Ronald spoke on the subject and it can be taken as good news for gamers who want platinum trophies on Xbox.

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Xbox wants to reward gamers in different ways

Ronald assures that Xbox has listened to the opinions of the fans and expressed that the Xbox team has thought about how to reward players for the way they like to play. The manager explains that users play in different ways and that Xbox intends to reward these different ways of playing in different ways.

“There are some players who just prefer to play multiplayer. What are we going to do to reward them and show progress and things like that? There are other people who like to play a lot of different games, so how are we going to go ahead and respect this investment? And there are also other people like me, who am a completive and who literally want to complete everything within a game “, commented Ronald.

The manager’s response may be somewhat ambiguous to many, but Xbox is clearly aware of fan requests. Ronald finished speaking on this subject confirming that there is nothing to announce at the moment, but that it is something that they have already thought about for the future and that in the end “it is a balance”.

What do you think of the Xbox plans? Would you like to see a variant of the PlayStation Platinum Trophies on Xbox consoles? Tell us in the comments.

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