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Phil Spencer has ambitious ideas for a bright future for Xbox | LevelUp

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The future of Xbox looks brighter than ever thanks to the work Phil Spencer has done in front of the company. Although the manager is already thinking about a possible successor, he made it clear that he still has many ideas for the brand to remain stable in the distant future.

During a chat with colleague Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, Xbox LIVE’s director of programming, Spencer spoke about what Xbox has in store for the next few years. Players have reason to be excited, as he anticipated flashy projects.

Everything indicates that Xbox already has in its hands developments in development that will arrive both in the short and long term. Spencer stressed that everyone has a goal to push boundaries and take Xbox to a new level.

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Phil Spencer prepares a great and ambitious future for Xbox

Phil Spencer explained long ago the development philosophy that they have on Xbox. Thanks to this we know that the company divides its projects into 3 different categories: Horizon 1 (immediate future), Horizon 2 (2 or 3 years of development) and Horizon 3 (up to 10 years of development).

Xbox completed several projects with the launch of Xbox Series X | S, the arrival of Xbox Game Pass to more systems and the premiere of Xbox Cloud Gaming in several regions, so Spencer is again filling the list with news of all kinds for the future.

The manager of course did not reveal anything about his plans for now, but said that his goal is always to exceed the limits of what they do, because “the players will always demand more.” For this reason they will invest in new projects of the different categories mentioned.

“We started a lot of Horizon 3 stuff years ago. XCloud was one of them, Game Pass was another … What I’m excited about now is that we’re doing the same thing, we’re refilling the pipeline. Horizon 3? What are the things that in 5 or 10 years we are going to be very happy to have started today? “Spencer commented.

The future of the company is a mystery for now, but we know that it plans to bring the entire Xbox ecosystem directly to televisions. On the other hand, Spencer recently commented that he wants to invest in more social and casual content for Xbox.

Finally, the manager has also spoken about the trends that will not continue in the short or long term. A clear example is NFT games, which Xbox has already turned its back on.

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